What Is The Best Wheel Size For Mountain Bikes?

Mountain Bike wheels have to perform in some incredibly difficult situations, as well as powering you across rough terrain - they need to be able to soak up damage from impacts with rocks and roots - as well as being able to remain intact after a crash. One of the biggest things to consider when choosing a mountain bike, or changing the wheels on your mountain bike - is how the size of the wheel that you are planning to fit - affects performance. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each, is key. Below, we run through the different sizes available in mountain bike wheels:

26 Inch Mountain Bike Wheels

The 26 Inch wheel is the ‘traditional’ size for mountain bike wheels. The smallest size available, these wheels provide a strong performance and agile handling, but are slower compared to larger wheel sizes. Although the traditional choice, most now prefer to use the larger wheel size of 27.5 inch or 29-inch. 26 inch wheels are found on older bikes, as well as on mountain bikes designed with smaller frames, such as women’s mountain bikes.

27.5 Inch Mountain Bike Wheels

The 27.5 inch wheel, also known as the 650b wheel - provides the ideal balance between precision and speed. This size has very quickly became the most common, and preferred wheel size for mountain bikes.

29 Inch Mountain Bike Wheels

29 Inch Wheels are the wheel size of choice for many mountain bikers, especially the taller ones! These wheels are often popular with those riding hardtail mountain bikes, as well as those racing their mountain bikes. These wheels feel stable at higher speeds, and roll really well over rough terrain.

Mountain Bike Wheels Online

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