What Are Hardtail Mountain Bikes Good At?

Hardtail mountain bikes are often overlooked in favour of more expensive, more impressive full suspension mountain bikes which do a better job of crashing down, downhill trails. The reality is however, that full suspension mountain bikes are massive overkill for most mountain bikers - with hardtail mountain bikes being the best, and most sensible choice for most mountain bikers. 

With these bikes being overlooked, we thought it would be a good idea to put forward the case for hardtail mountain bikes - including the areas in which these hardtail mountain bikes really excel at. 

Hardtails are more fun

Although the above statement is a little bit biased, if you spend your time on tracks and trails - not just downhill trails - a hardtail mountain bike can be the most fun option to use. A stiffer, lighter hardtail mountain bike is more agile, better at climbing and more responsive - meaning a more engaging mountain biking experience. 

Hardtails are better at climbing

Hardtail Mountain bikes can be unequalled at climbing capabilities compared to full suspension mountain bikes. 

Hardtails are easier to maintain 

Hardtail Mountain Bikes have less components compared to full suspension bikes - so if a low maintenance mountain bike is what you are after, a hardtail will be the best choice. 

Hardtails can look better

Although appearance is completely subjective - a lot of the team here at Westbrook Cycles think that the cleaner lines of a hardtail mountain bike, improve the appearance of the bike. 

Hardtails are better for your wallet

As with anything, you can spend as much as you want on a mountain bike - with world champion specification bikes being available to purchase by recreational riders. At the lower to mid end range of the spectrum however - hardtail mountain bikes come in at a lower price point compared to a full suspension mountain bike. In our opinion, you are much better off with a well spec’d hardtail, opposed to a poorly spec’d full suspension bike. 

Hardtails are more responsive

Hardtail bikes are incredibly good fun to use, and they can achieve bunny hops and all kinds of snappy handling and performance, that a full suspension bike is just too big and heavy to manage. 

Hardtails are Lighter

The above statement is true in most cases, although the increase in the amount of carbon fibre bikes available means that a full suspension carbon fibre bike can easily weigh less than an alloy hardtail bike. On the whole though, hardtails are lighter - because they have less components. 

Hardtail Mountain Bikes Online

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent range of hardtail mountain bikes to suit all budgets and requirements - so regardless of whether you are looking for an entry level hardtail mountain bike, or a carbon fibre hardtail speed machine - we can help.