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Valentine's Day Gifts For Road Cyclists

If your partner or valentine this year is big into their road cycling - you have come to the right place to find the perfect gift for them. The road cycling industry is absolutely full of fantastic gifts and gift ideas, which show perfectly that you not only love your valentine, but also understand what is important to them.

Road Cycling is one of the biggest and most popular forms of cycling, and there’s an absolute ton of accessories and clothing which make for the perfect gift this Valentines Day. There are so many different bike brands to choose from, so whether it’s a new jersey that you have in mind, or a special pair of extra-warm socks - there's the perfect gift for every cyclist and most importantly, every budget. Speaking from personal experience, valentines day could not come at a better time for cyclists - right when the cold weather has well and truly set in. The cold weather makes for the perfect opportunity to buy your valentine the gift of warmth for when they are out cycling, making cycling gloves and socks a guaranteed winner. As well as helping your road cycling valentine keep warm this winter, there’s also the opportunity to get them something, they can get hot and steamy with - but maybe not in the sense that you are thinking. The poor weather this time of year means the roads are full of grit and muck, meaning that it’s extra important for the bike in their life to get a rub down and a good clean once back home. There’s an excellent array of really cool bike cleaning products, which makes for the perfect thoughtful gift for this time of year.

This time of year is also perfect for picking up one of last year's bike models for a fraction of what the bike cost last year, with the newest bikes having just been released. So if your Valentine really deserves it, a new road bike may cost less than you think...

Click The Button Below to see a list of some of our personal favourite things to receive as a gift (as road cyclists) as well as some products and items that we know are guaranteed to go down well. If after perusing the below gifts, you are still struggling to decide on what to get - a Westbrook Cycles gift voucher may be the best route forward!

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