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Turbo Trainer Tips

Turbo Trainers are a key part of many people’s training routines. During Lockdown, the use of turbo trainers grew massively, with turbo trainers being one of the only ways of doing any sort of endurance training. Even out of lockdown, there are so many reasons to use a turbo trainer in the home; whether it’s because of an injury, lack of childcare, or inclement weather. Turbo Trainer workouts are not only good if you have to use them, but also good if even if you don’t have to - with a turbo trainer, you can enjoy it.

In this post, we look at some of the tips & tricks you can employ to get the very most out of each and every turbo trainer workout. 

Make Things Interesting

Although Turbo Trainers have come a long way from staring at a blank wall for hours at a time, becoming smarter and full of technology - there’s nothing changing the fact that you remain still for what can be a decent amount of time. If you're not using a smart trainer, we recommend sticking something on the television, or at least having music playing to keep you going and most importantly, keep the clock ticking away. 

Prepare for the Ride

One of the biggest mistakes people make when jumping on a turbo trainer is not preparing. Just because you are not leaving the relative comfort of your home, garage or shed does not mean that you should not prepare for the ride - think about tools and accessories that you may need, a small towel for sweat as well as drinks & water bottles to keep yourself hydrated. 

Adjust Riding Positions

It’s far tricker to move around on the bike when riding in a stationary position VS riding out in the real world. This can mean that riding can very quickly become uncomfortable. Any areas of poor position will be at the forefront on a turbo trainer, so it’s a good idea to move around, and adjust the seat on the trainer if you experience any discomfort. 

Wear Your Cycling Kit

Just because you are not leaving the house, does not mean that you should not wear your cycling kit; bib shorts provide much needed comfort and padding when sitting on a bike saddle, so are essential bits of kit. At the same time, although it is tempting to ride semi-naked, wearing a base layer, especially a summer base layer helps absorb and wick sweat away. 

Warm Up & Cool Down

As mentioned above, riding a turbo trainer can keep you in a stationary position for a long period of time. Ensure that you warm up and cool down after exercise, and adjust your position on the bike as you ride it.