What's new?

The previous version of the Cannondale SuperSix Evo has proven over the years to be an incredibly fast road racing bike, winning numerous awards for its innovative, lightweight design. With this iteration, Cannondale have strived to improve on this success and make it faster and lighter than ever before.

So what has changed? Cannondale have built the new SuperSix Evo to provide a smoother, more comfortable ride meaning you can ride faster for longer. This comfort comes from a number of changes in the frame and componentry, all of which work together to create a system that still provides race-bred performance, but not at the sacrifice of ride quality.

  • Lower stays and an integrated seat clamp for the SAVE seatpost create increased compliance.
  • Tyre clearance has been increased to give 6mm either side of a 30mm tyre on disc brake frames, and 28mm tyres on rim brake versions.
  • The frame geometry has been tweaked to allow more riders to get into a more comfortable position - stack height has been increased slightly, while reach has been shortened on all sizes except 44cm which has been made 1cm longer and lower.

These changes to the frame and maximum tyre sizes translate into an 18% increase in vertical compliance allowing for a more comfortable ride without sacrificing performance. The large tyre widths allow the bike to roll over small bumps and uneven roads easier than a smaller width tyre would.

Changes to the shape of the tubing and System Integration components have allowed Cannondale to shave a massive 30 Watts of drag off over the previous SuperSix Evo at 30mph. The new Evo has been designed as a complete bike rather than a frame and parts; the Hollowgram 45 KNØT wheels, 27 KNØT SAVE seatpost and SAVE bars/KNØT stem combo have all been designed to work as a whole in harmony with each other. Fully internal cable routing for hydraulic brake hoses and Di2 cables further help towards a more aerodynamic bike, but also improve the overall aesthetic, creating clean, sleek lines.

So presumably all of these improvements and additions has made it heavier? Well, no. The new SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod frame is 19 grams lighter than its predecessor, which granted isn't a lot, but usually creating a more aero frame and adding discs actually adds quite a lot of weight. Rest assured that this is not at the sacrifice of stiffness; Tour magazine attest to this.

The New Cannondale SuperSix Evo


Q. Won't the new geometry affect the riding position, making it harder to get into a race position?

A. The longer headtube means that for most riders they will be able to slam the stem more easily, creating a more racy look. All of the EF Education First Pro Team riders are still able to adopt their preferred riding position on the new frame so the new geometry will still suit the vast majority of riders.

Q. Why are none of the Hi-Mod frames equipped with rim brakes?

A. Quite simply, most high-end bike sales in the last couple of years are on disc equipped bikes. From a business point of view, it doesn't make sense to invest too heavily into creating a Hi-Mod version of the frame for what is becoming a very small minority of riders who don't want disc brakes. The standard version of the new SuperSix Evo still allows riders to use rim brakes in a lightweight racing package.

Q. Does it cost to activate the Power2Max power meters equipped on some models?

A. The Power2Max power meters do require a one-off activation fee of around €490. This allows you to access all of the benefits of a dual-sided power meter at a much lower retail cost. There are also additional options to upgrade your power meter to monitor left/right balance and pedal smoothness.

Q. Can I set up Hollowgram 45 SL KNØT wheels tubeless?

A. Yes, the Hollowgram 45 SL KNØT wheelsets are all fully tubeless ready.

Q. Can other seatposts be ran in place of the 27 SL KNØT seatpost? What is the diameter?

A. No, the 27 SL KNØT seatpost is designed to integrate with the seatbinder and has the truncated aerofoil shape meaning standard seatposts are not compatible. This seatpost also benefits from Cannondale's SAVE micro-suspension technology to improve rider comfort.

Q. Are the seatposts going to be available in different setbacks?

A. Yes, there will be three different versions of the seatpost; an SL carbon, standard carbon and an alloy version. All three of these will be available as either a 15mm setback or an inline version and will be compatible with the new CAAD13 frames.

Geometry Chart

So how do all of the numbers stack up? Comparing the 54cm of the previous SuperSix Evo to the latest iteration, the seat tube length, horizontal top tube measurement and standover height have all decreased whereas the head tube length has increased. All of this translates to a more comfortable riding position for the majority of riders, along with a more racy aesthetic. A slacker head tube angle and longer chain stays make for more stability at speed and better handling.

In the smaller 44cm size, the horizontal top tube length has increased and the head tube length has decreased, offering a more optimal position for shorter riders.

Here is the full geometry chart for all sizes: