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The New 2022 Cannondale Synapse

2022 Cannondale Synapse Features

The Cannondale Synapse is one of our best selling road bikes here at Westbrook Cycles - the Synapse platform provides endurance based performance, and the new Synapse, released in 2022 provides a massive number of changes and improvements, on the already impressively well rounded Synapse range.

The 2022 Synapse provides the right balance between speed and comfort, it’s a bike which pushes right to the limits of road bikes, edging into gravel bike territory - meaning the Synapse can be ridden across multiple terrain types. In our experience, and in supplying the Synapse range to our customers - it’s the right bike for most road riders.

Cannondale has taken no shortcuts when it has come to improving the Synapse; the range has had the geometry, comfort, performance, utility and rider experience improved and amended. The geometry of the bike stays largely the same, with only small tweaks - the Synapse has always provided the perfect balance between those looking for racy performance, with forward leaning efficiency and being able to sit more upright and more comfortable on the bike. The Synapse fits and feels like a Synapse should, which is no bad thing.

The comfort element of the bike has been approved, with improved and enhanced frame compliance which provides the right level of stiffness across all frame sizes. The Synapse is also the quickest it ever has been, with small changes to the frame - a more aerodynamic frame and fork design can be spotted, with no weight increase.

Changes to the design of the bike, which also affects comfort - but more utility, is the increased clearance which is now found on the Synapse range. Up to 35mm road tyres can be used, with 6mm of clearance - which makes this bike incredibly comfortable and capable, almost touching the level of clearance and tyre sizes that gravel bikes run. Those looking to use their Synapse in winter will also be pleased to learn that the Synapse range can run fenders with 30s for winter training.

Continuing on the theme of utility, the bike is equipped with top tube mounts, trainer compatible thru axles, mud guard capability, standard seat binder as well as tube-in-tube cable routing for ease of maintenance - ideal for those who work on and look after their own bikes.

As well as all of the fantastic stuff mentioned above, when it comes to improving and tweaking the performance of the Synapse - there has also been a raft of changes and features which have been introduced to further make the Synapse - the best all round road bike on the market.

2022 Cannondale Smart Features

Most of the features discussed below, can be controlled and tweaked via the Cannondale App.

SmartSense Lights on the Synapse turn on automatically, when the bike system is powered on. These lights have an ambient light sensor within them, ensuring they give off the right amount of light for the conditions. These smart lights also become brighter when the inbuilt radar (more on this in a little bit!) picks up approaching cars behind you. When a car approaches from behind, the rear light lights up to warn the vehicle about your presence, and the front light increases in brightness to make you, as the rider, more aware. The brake light also becomes brighter as you brake, the same way that a car brake light does, warning other riders and motorists to slow down. The smart lights were developed in conjunction with Lezyne, and their non-smart specification is equally impressive. Constructed from aluminium, the front light provides 350 lumens of light and the rear light, 25 lumens.

The operation of the lighting system is heavily reliant on the SmartSense Radar. This radar, which has been made by Garmin, sits and faces to the rear of the bike. It’s been designed by Garmin, and has been adjusted for use on the Synapse. The Radar is designed to detect vehicles behind, at a distance of 140 metres. The radar provides visual and audible signals - and the display shows the position of cars coming close. The radar will also control and brighten the lights as above. The display on the Synapse needs to be fitted via the head unit, and most bike computers and Garmin products work, as do smartphones which have the Cannondale App downloaded.

All of these smart features do require power however, which is provided by a removable and rechargeable power pack. All of the smart components stay on the bike - and this battery has been designed in conjunction with Garmin and provides a battery life of 150 days in standby mode, two hours forty five minutes in full power mode and 20+ hours in battery saving mode.

The SmartSense Cannondale app really brings everything together - it’s easy to use, tracks rides, allows you to cycle through light modes, view light status, is connected to Garmin apps and also details battery life of the wheel Sensor and Smart Sense. This app brings everything together on the Synapse range, allowing this bike to become greater than the sum of its parts.

Most Synapse models feature the Smart Sense Lights & Radar, including the 1RLE, LTD RLE, 3 RLE, and 2RL. The cheaper models within the range, such as the 3 L just have Smart Sense Lights - whilst the Synapse 4 has neither smart lights or smart radar for those looking for a tech-free Synapse.

The Synapse has always been a favourite at Westbrook of both staff and customers alike, and we can't see this iteration being any different. With that in mind, we have secured plenty of stock which will be dropping throughout the year, so please get in touch to secure yours now.