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SuperSix Evo Carbon Disc 105 Specifications & Review

The Cannondale Supersix Evo Carbon Disc 105 Road Bike has built up legendary status in the world of road cycling. Priced at £2,250 this bike provides outstanding performance and handling, and is a complete joy to ride.

At Westbrook, a number of our staff members own this bike personally, and we have gotten their input to put this review and post together - covering some of the features of the bike, as well as reviewing how it handles real world performance. Although a mid-level road bike by class, this bike has scooped up many industry and press awards. The Supersix sets the standard for handling, lightweight design and comfort.

The last major update the SuperSix went through was in 2020, and the bike went through a radical redesign - making the bike stand out from previous versions. The aerodynamics of the bike underwent the biggest change, with kammtail tubes being used - to reduce drag. The kammtail design works in the same way that a cross section of an aeroplane works, meaning that the bike benefits from a large reduction in drag. The reduction in drag thanks to this design is 30% over the previous model.

There are two choices of frame for the Supersix 105, there is the Ballistic carbon fibre frame and the Hi-Mod chassis.Both frames provide fantastic levels of comfort - the stays are nice and low, and the back end of the bike feels incredibly smooth and planted. It’s much the same story at the front as well, the bike feels incredibly smooth - thanks to the Evo Carbon fork. The frame retains good levels of stiffness, that feels stable when descending - and rock solid and efficient when climbing up steep ascents.

The Supersix Evo 105 is also well specified with equipment from other bike component manufacturers. The wheels are alloy, and are from Maddux - they work with simple cartridge bearing hubs, so are reliable and easy to maintain. Slick tyres are fitted as standard. The standard wheelsets are OK - but the 105 could be massively improved by a faster set of tyres, and lighter wheels. If you do change the wheels, you can do so easily and quickly - with the 105 coming with Speed Release Axles. The 105 uses Shimano 105 Groupset - but with Cannondale's own crankset.

It’s very difficult to explain just how good this bike is, and how ‘right’ it feels on the road. It’s the age old comment of a bike feeling more than the sum of it’s parts - and at just over £2,000 for the 2021 model - it represents excellent value for money, for those looking for a high performance road bike.