Snapped/Broken Road Bike Forks

At Westbrook Cycles, we not only supply our customers with a full range of new road bikes and mountain bikes - but also with a complete range of replacement parts and components, to support our customers through the life cycle of owning their bike.

Although the bikes that we supply, and the bike industry in general today, design and manufacture bikes that are tougher than ever, breakages and problems do still occur with road bikes. Many components can become damaged through age and repetitive use, whilst many components are damaged and need replacing after a crash or impact.

Forks, without question are a vital component on any bike, especially road bikes which are ridden at high speeds, alongside and with traffic. Customers we speak to when coming to us to purchase a replacement road bike fork, have typically damaged their fork during a crash, or damage has started to appear after hitting potholes and other road surface problems.

It’s always wise, when in doubt about a key bicycle component - to replace it. You cannot put a price on safety and there are a ton of options out there for each and every kind of road bike. To make life easier for our customers looking for a like for like replacement, we have built up an incredible range of parts finders - allowing you to find the exact fork which was fitted, as standard for your bike. Once you have found the fork, we then ship it directly to you.

As well as direct replacement forks, many road cyclists look to update their forks if they have had a breakage. Changing forks is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update any road bike, increasing performance and saving weight at the same time. Typically, an upgrade would be going from an alloy fork to a carbon fork.

Road Forks that we supply come from Scott, Kinesis UK and Enve - and the range caters for all budgets and requirements with ease. You can view the full range here, and if you have any questions about any of these forks, or their compatibility with your road bike, please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.