Snapped/Broken Gear Hangers

At Westbrook Cycles, as well as supplying a range of new road & mountain bikes to our customers - we also carry stock of, and supply a massive range of components which have been designed to support existing customers, and new customers with their bikes.

One of the most commonly requested components, and parts that we sell online - are Gear Hangers. One of the reasons we deal with these customers, and products a lot - is the fact that they are not usually covered under warranty, being a part which has been designed to break, in order to save more expensive parts of a bike.

As these items usually break during a crash or an impact, there is no set time for these parts to naturally wear out - so we supply these parts to bikers who have been riding a new bike a couple of weeks and had a crash, as much as we do for somebody who has been riding the same bike for several years.

The Gear Hangers are known by a multitude of other formats and terms, including replaceable dropouts as well as Derailleur hangers. It’s important to note that these parts are designed to be replaceable, and are designed to break. Their main job is to protect the structure of the bike and it’s components from catastrophic damage. To ensure that they break when they need to, Hangers are made from a softer metal compared to other bike components.

These hangers break for a couple of reasons, the aforementioned and most obvious - a crash. Hangers also break due to misshifts, as well as selecting the wrong gear when the gearing of the bike is under particularly heavy strain.

When the hangers do break, they can be expensive to replace - and one of the best possible ways to prevent having to replace the hanger on your bike, is ensuring that you correctly maintain the chain on your bicycle, ensuring that it is regularly cleaned and lubricated. Also, spend a little bit of time looking for stiff links, or misshapen links which may cause an issue.

At Westbrook, we have developed a number of parts finders - to help you find the stock OEM Gear Hanger that your bike requires for it to be fully functionable. As well as using our parts finders, you can also buy a range of aftermarket Gear Hangers which are compatible to your specific bike.

If you have any questions about any of the Gear Hangers across our site, or need a hand tracking down the exact hanger you need - just get in touch and a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you. Once you have found the right product for your bike, ordering could not be easier and we ship directly to your chosen delivery address.