Should I Buy A Cannondale Topstone?

The complete range of Cannondale Topstone Bikes are a great choice for customers looking for their perfect gravel bike. The range was one of the first gravel bikes on the market, and right across the range, Cannondale have developed and deployed a number of unique technologies which have kept them ahead of the gravel bike competition.

Looking back to the origins of the Topstone, we remember the Cannondale Slate - the original Cannondale gravel bike. Today, there is only the Topstone range - a collection of alloy framed, and carbon fibre framed gravel bikes - which universally use a carbon fibre fork.

The Topstone range covers all budgets and all riding requirements, there is the perfect model for those getting into gravel biking for the first time, right across to those who ride their gravel bikes competitively. Fans of the Cannondale ‘Lefty’ forks will not be disappointed, as these forks can be found across the range.

The aim of the Topstone is to be a do it all bike, equally at home on tarmac as well as negotiating off road terrain. This is achieved through Cannondale creating a versatile gravel bike which provides massive levels of stability whatever the conditions, grippy tyres, components from SRAM and Shimano which perform, large gearing ranges and a unique rear suspension system providing extra comfort.

Where to use a Topstone?

The Topstone is rightly marketed as a bike which can be ridden everywhere - roads and singletrack alike. In truth, the Topstone and gravel bikes in general are best suited to compacted gravel tracks and trails - although in the right hands, Topstone bikes can perform incredibly well on any surface, including muddy and rutty singletracks.

Cannondale Topstone Features

Kingpin Suspension Explained

Kingpin suspension is revolutionary in the world of gravel bikes, providing the rear of the bike 30mm of flex whilst out on the trails. The suspension system is a thru axle pivot which links the seat stay to the tube. It adds comfort, with almost no weight added to the bike.

Lefty Oliver Forks

Instantly recognisable, these forks are available on the three carbon fibre Topstone models - these forks provide 30mm of travel, whilst reducing weight. When twinned with the kingpin suspension, these forks massively upgrade comfort levels.


As bikes designed to travel cross country, over long distances - all Topstone bikes have plenty of mounting points for everything from mudguards to luggage and bottles. There are stacks of room here for carrying everything from water and essentials, to luggage and the laptop on the daily commute.

Stable Riding Position

One of the most notable features of the Topstone, is the incredibly comfortable riding position - it’s relaxed enough to make you feel comfortable on long journeys, but retains enough of an aggressive stance to break some Strava records.

Cannondale Topstone Models

As mentioned above, the Topstone range caters for all requirements and all needs - aluminium models are recommended for those just getting into gravel bikes, with the carbon fibre models further up the range, not only benefiting from a carbon fibre frame - but also better brakes and components. The decision over which Topstone to buy is largely budget dependent, and it’s fair to say that there is no bad Topstone to choose from, if you are in the market for a gravel bike.

Below, we give a brief overview of the different models available:

Alloy Topstone Bikes

Topstone 0

Alloy gravel bike, with carbon fork and 2 x 11 Gearing.

Topstone 1

Alloy gravel bike with carbon fork & 2x11 Shimano GRX Shifting.

Topstone 2

Alloy gravel bike with carbon fork & 2x10 Shimano GRX Shifting.

Topstone 3

Versatile alloy gravel bike with carbon forks and 2x9 Shimano Sora Shifting

Topstone 4

Alloy Gravel Bike with carbon fork and 1x10 shifting

Carbon Topstone Bikes

Carbon 2

Gravel Bike with rear suspension with 2 x 11 Shimano GRX shifting and carbon wheels.

Carbon 4

Gravel Bike with rear suspension with 2 x 11 Shimano 105 GRX shifting.

Carbon 5

Gravel bike with rear suspension with a 2x 11 Shimano GRX Shifting.

Carbon Lefty 1

Gravel full suspension bike with 1 x 12 wireless SREAM AXS shifting, carbon wheels and lefty fork.

Carbon Lefty 3

Gravel full suspension bike with 1 x 12 Shimano GRX shifting, carbon wheels and lefty fork.

Women's Carbon Topstone Bikes

Topstone Carbon Womens 4

Women's gravel bike with rear suspension, and 2 x 11 Shimano 105 GRX shifting