Road Cycling Jersey Buying Guide

At Westbrook Cycles, we do not just supply a range of bikes online - we also supply a massive range of cycling clothing and accessories, with one of the most popular product groups we sell, being cycling jerseys. Although many customers only associate cycling jerseys with road cycling, cycling jerseys are actually available covering both road cycling and mountain biking.

Jerseys are widely worn and are very popular for good reason, the right jersey not only looks fantastic - but makes each and every ride more comfortable and in turn, enjoyable. One of the biggest reasons for wearing a cycling jersey, is their effectiveness at wicking sweat away from the body, meaning better temperature regulation and comfort. You do not have to ride far in a t-shirt to soon have it soaked in sweat, meaning a cold and chilly ride when the wind picks up or you take a break.

One of the first considerations to make when buying a cycling jersey, is the material of the jersey. The two main camps of material for cycling jerseys varies between synthetic materials and natural materials. By far the most popular choice these days, is synthetic jerseys - which have been designed and engineered to provide the ultimate in performance and comfort. The use of synthetic materials also allows jersey manufacturers to design their jerseys for different weather and riding conditions, allowing the creation of water resistance, wind-proof and weather proof jerseys perfect for winter use. Although synthetic materials are the most popular, almost all of these jerseys also use natural materials, such as merino wool within them.

Road Cycling Jerseys Fit

One of the biggest differences between mountain bike jerseys and road bike jerseys, is the fit. Ultimately though, the fit that you choose from your jersey will depend upon the type of riding that you are doing, and what you feel most comfortable in. If you are heading out for an intense ride, where speed matters - a tighter fitting jersey will perform better, but if you are heading out for a ride with friends, with the potential for stop offs for refreshments - you may feel much more comfortable in a looser fitting jersey. 

Typically though, road cycling jerseys are longer at the back than the front - allowing for your back to remain covered. The front is intentionally short, ensuring that there is no excess material to cause discomfort when cycling. You can also choose between short sleeved and long sleeved jerseys, depending upon the level of protection from the elements that you want and need. 

Road Cycling Jerseys Features

Although Road Cycling Jerseys do vary in design and style - most road Cycling Jerseys feature the following features, or variations of the following features:

Flat Seams 

Flat Seams are used in order to minimise chafing and discomfort when riding, this small addition to a jersey makes a massive difference, especially on longer rides. 

High Visibility

Manufacturers or Cycling Jerseys understand the importance of safety, so most jerseys do feature bright colours, as well as some reflective strips. 

Front Zips

Most Jerseys feature comfortable zips on the front of the jersey, allowing the rider to unzip the jersey if warm, and vice-versa if cold. 

Pockets & Storage

Almost all Jerseys feature enough room to store the essentials you need when out riding, with many featuring pockets on the back for water bottles and hydration. Typically, jerseys will accommodate a mobile phone, keys, hydration pouches and money with ease. 

Weather Protection

A lot of new cycling jerseys have SPF protection, protecting the rider from harmful UV rays from the sun - many cycling jerseys have also been designed to keep the wind and rain out.

Road Cycling Jerseys Online

Scott RC Premium Short Sleeve Jersey

Designed to offer protection in the event of a crash, Scott’s ProTec fabric is used on the shoulders and sleeves. This protection has been designed into this jersey, without sacrificing the high performance design. There's also three back pockets, one of which is water repellant. This jersey looks fantastic and is available in a number of different colour schemes.

Castelli Scossa Long Sleeve Jersey

One of the best long sleeve jerseys available - this stretchy long sleeve jersey provides protection and comfort in equal measure. This jersey features warmer fabrics on the body and sleeves, stretchy side panels, plenty of pockets and reflective trim for safety.

Castelli Team Sky Long Sleeve Jersey

This incredibly cool Team Sky Jersey features warmer fabric on the body and the sleeves, with stretchy side panels for the ultimate comfort fit. It also has an elastic waistband which prevents the jersey from rising up when riding.

Road Cycling Jersey Buying Guide

The above jerseys are just a small sample of the jerseys that we have available, working with jersey manufacturers such as Castelli, Scott, Assos, Dainese and Solo to name just a few. You can view the full range, here - and if you have any questions about the collection, please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.