Road Bike Frame Materials

Advances in road bike technology means that now more than ever, there’s a massive range of bikes to choose from - ranging from specific road bikes, designed for either comfort or pure speed - right across to all rounder road bikes. Whenever you are looking to buy a road bike, there are a number of considerations, with frame material being one of the key considerations in your hunt for your new perfect bike. 

Generally, there are three main and different materials that road bikes are made from, they are:

Carbon Fibre



Below, we look at these bikes in greater detail:

Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre is the most common road bike frame material for high end road bikes, almost every road bike which is raced in a professional capacity has been built from carbon fibre. Carbon Fibre as a material is a number of sheets of carbon which have been brought together in a resin - the result is a stiff and strong material, which is far lighter than any metals or alloys. 

The density of carbon fibre also means that carbon frames are more comfortable to ride on the road - they have more flex in their frames than alloy frames, meaning less vibrations are passed onto the rider, which can cause discomfort over longer distances and journeys. 

Carbon fibre also has another benefit, it’s much easier to work with for bike manufacturers than alloys - so a carbon fibre frame can be a range of different shapes and sizes compared to alloy frames. Extra stiffness and strength can also be added into certain areas of the frame for greater performance. For example, a bottom bracket can be made in the strongest possible way, whilst a seatpost and seat stay can be softer - providing more flex and comfort. 

All of the above benefits, come at a certain price - a higher price point compared to alloy and titanium road bikes.


Aluminium Road Bike Frames are by far the most common type of road bike frame out there on the roads of the UK. It’s a common material because aluminium is resistant to corrosion, it’s relatively light and it’s strong. It’s also pretty affordable - making it a great choice for the recreational riders. 

One of the downsides of aluminum, compared to carbon fibre - is that it can become uncomfortable, passing a lot of road vibrations up to the rider. For most riders, that sacrifice is well worth the cost saving.


Titanium is a popular choice for many road cyclists, although it’s not commonly seen out on the roads. It’s a comfortable material to ride on, soaking up many of the vibrations and discomfort of road use. Titanium is also incredibly strong, and has a greater corrosion resistance compared to steel and aluminium.

Road Bike Frames Online

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