Road Bike Beginner Essentials

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have seen a massive number of customers finding road cycling for the first time, or returning to road cycling after a lengthy break from riding. These customers are coming to us to purchase a road bike to ride, and usually returning a few days later to buy a number of other products and accessories which they had forgotten they needed! 

The purpose of this blog post is to outline some of the most important accessories and items that road cyclists need, to make each ride more enjoyable, as well as safer.

Road Bike Helmet

Cycling on the road carries a number of different hazards, as well as travelling at high speeds - there is also a risk posed by other users of the road, including motorists. Road bike helmets have been designed to protect the head in the case of an impact, and whilst some people refute their effectiveness, we believe they are essential pieces of kit to wear. 

As well as providing protection, road cycling helmets also create an aerodynamic profile which can make riding the bike easier. 

Road Bike Gloves

The hands are one of the most important touch points between you and your bike - and riding long distances can take it out of the hands, if they are not protected by a pair of cycling gloves. As well as protecting against the risk of calluses and blisters - bike gloves also ensure that you remain in full control of your bike at all times.

Bike Cleaning Products

It’s all well and good abusing the bikes on the roads - but to keep it in pristine condition, as well as running correctly - the bike should be regularly cleaned and moving parts lubricated. Check our range of degreasers and cleaning products here.

Bike Lights

Bike lights are a legal requirement when you ride your bike on the road - and even if you do not plan on riding during the hours of darkness - extending the ride a few times and stopping off for that extra coffee can very quickly see darkness descend. The bike lights that we supply, not only keep you safe - but also illuminate the road ahead.

Padded Shorts

Travelling long distances can provide soreness on your own rear end - with bike saddles not being the most forgiving things to be perched on for hours. Padded road bike shorts take the sting out of this though, and are really effective at providing increased levels of comfort.


Road cycling is the only real cycling discipline that requires you to wear jerseys - the desire for an aerodynamic profile, alongside riding comfort - sees tight fitting cycling jerseys providing the most comfortable choice. Alongside the design of these jerseys, cycling jerseys are made from materials which wick away sweat - meaning you stay cool during the hard ascents, and don't freeze once you stop.

Road Cycling Kit Online

Across our site, you can find a full range of cycling clothing, accessories and components - all designed to make your ride better and more enjoyable. 

If you have any questions about any of the products you find across our site, please just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.