Rim Brake Road Bikes

At Westbrook Cycles, as a specialist road bike supplier - we stock and supply an excellent range of Rim Brake Road Bikes that we supply online. The team here at Westbrook is divided as to which brake option is better for Road Bikes, with many of our most experienced road cyclists choosing to stick with rim brakes for a number of different reasons.

Rim Brake Road Bikes are popular choices still, and although the drawbacks and advantages of road bike disc brakes are well known, rim brakes are more aerodynamic, lighter and are easier to change and maintain - making them an obvious choice for many cyclists.

On our website you can find our complete collection of rim brake road bikes - available in different designs, with different ergonomics and different frame materials. If you have any questions about this range of bikes, please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Once you have chosen your perfect rim brake road bike, ordering online could not be easier - and we deliver your bike to your chosen delivery address.