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Lifetime Warranty On Reynolds Wheels

Reynolds Cycling are now offering a limited lifetime warranty on all of their wheelsets purchased after January 1st 2017. Both road and MTB wheelsets are included in the warranty and it is strongly recommended that you register your wheels with Reynolds as soon as possible. Most other manufacturer's warranties will last between two and five years, so this is quite a big deal!

For a warranty claim you will need:

  • Your contact information
  • Proof of purchase (if you uploaded this as part of the wheel registration process you will not need it)
  • Serial number (located on the tire bed opposite the valve hole)
  • Shop or online retailer where purchased
  • Date of purchase

For more information call us on 01642 710232 or visit the Reynolds Cycling website.

Reynolds DET

DET (Dispersive Effect Termination)

The DET aerofoil rim design smooths turbulent air which effectively reduces aerodynamic drag. Tests have shown that DET rims require less effort to move forward and allow riders to stay in the "sweet spot" for roughly 32% longer than riders using competitor's rims. The Reynolds DET rims have a wider 26.2mm rim bed which tapers to an aerofoil profile meaning drag is reduced and the rims can even create forward thrust.

Reynolds BWI

BWI (Brake Wear Indicator)

The Brake Wear Indicator has been designed to allow users how to tell that their rim brake wheels are coming to the end of their service. The BWI is embedded into the brake track on Reynolds rim brake wheelsets and indicates to the rider that the rim is worn by becoming visible. The BWI is a 10mm wide red line that is located opposite the valve hole and can be found on both sides of the rim.

Reynolds CR6

CR6 (Carbon Rim 6)

Reynolds have identified six areas of their clincher road bike rims to focus on stiffness, durability and strength. These areas are the tire channel, brake track, nipple bed, spoke face, side wall, and rim hook bead. Using the CR6 proprietary layup known as Hybrid Modulus Laminate, along with a moulding process called Inert Gas Compaction, Reynolds are able to create a strong, stiff wheelset that they build into an aerodynamic form to further enhance the performance of their RZR and Aero series wheels.

Reynolds PR3

PR3 (Performance Rim 3)

Reynolds' Performance Rim 3 technology identifies three key areas of their road bike rims and assigns a different carbon fibre lay-up to each area. These key sections are the rim hook bead, brake track and rim profile. The type of epoxy, fibre, and resin used in each of these areas is adjusted according to Reynolds' strict specifications and each batch is then certified to ensure quality is maintained.

Reynolds MR5

MR5 (Mountain Rim 5)

To cope with the huge stresses and impacts associated with mountain biking, Reynolds have come up with Mountain Rim 5 technology. This technology can be found in their Black Label trail and enduro rims, as well as the ATR (All Terrain Road) rims.

Five key areas are constructed using different types of fibre, resin and epoxy to create the perfect rims for a variety of disciplines from gravel riding with the ATR wheelset to downhilling on the Bernard Kerr Limited Edition wheelset. Each rim has the layup altered in these five areas to create the ideal tensile strength, stiffness and durability built into them for the intended use.