Reasons To Wear A Cycling Jersey

At Westbrook Cycles, we cannot think of anything but a cycling jersey to head out on the bike in - whether it’s a mountain bike jersey or a road bike jersey, we find the performance of a breathable, well fitting jersey to be far superior to any non cycling clothing you can wear.

In the cycling community however, there are some who choose to just ride in a t-shirt compared to a jersey. We thought it would only be right to address the differences in riding in a t-shirt VS a jersey - so you can once and for all, stick the t-shirt back in the wardrobe.

Jerseys are breathable

When doing any form of physical exercise, your body heats up and you sweat. Jerseys have been designed to wick this sweat away from the body, keeping you dry. This means that your jersey does not remain wet, which can make you incredibly cold when you stop cycling. Normal t-shirts are not designed to wick away sweat,  so they can become soaked, heavy and uncomfortable, very quickly.

Jerseys have storage

Effectively carrying a range of items is important when out cycling and jerseys have been designed to carry a wide range of items that you may need - such as your phone, energy bars or gels, bank card, spare change etc. Although you can usually fit a water bottle to the frame of your bike, some jerseys have rear pockets for water bottles. T-shirts, not surprisingly, have no pockets to store anything.

Jerseys look good

As well as providing excellent levels of performance, jerseys also look great. These jerseys not only look great because they allow you to store all of your belongings and accessories neatly and tidily. Jerseys look good for another reason, because they have been designed to! Lastly, jerseys do a great job of ensuring that there is no skin showing to motorists behind!

Jerseys are safer

Jerseys have been designed with cycling in mind, so many feature bright colours which are easier for motorists to see, and many have reflective strips and areas built in - helping motorists see you in low light conditions.

Cycling jerseys online

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent range of cycling jerseys that are available to buy online. These jerseys encompass budget jerseys, right alongside more expensive cycling jerseys, with some of the world’s best known brands found within the range, such as Castelli Jerseys.