Reasons To Ride In The Rain

If you ride your road bike long enough in the UK - there will come a time when you get caught in the rain - and in our experience here at Westbrook Cycles - we recommend tackling the rain head on, whatever time of year it is. There are a few reasons for why we think every cyclist should embrace riding in the rain, at least a couple of times - which we will run through below…

Get to know your bike

Riding in the rain is the perfect way to get to know your bike and how it handles, inside out. Riding in the rain and the wet is a different experience compared to riding in good weather, the road is slippery, there’s debris in the road, white lines and painted road markings feel like ice and your tyres lose grip more in turns. Master riding in these elements, and you will be a safer, more prepared and better rider in every single way. 

Get to know your Gear

Riding in the rain also allows you to test out your latest gear and equipment, including the latest and greatest clothing you have purchased for such weather conditions. You will better understand what your preferences and riding requirements are, and you can begin to use and work with a number of different pieces of equipment to protect you from adverse weather, from mudguards, to rain caps, to waterproof cycling overshoes across to the perfect rain jacket

Maintaining Fitness

Many fairweather cyclists' fitness can suffer during the winter months, when the boring four walls of a gym become the norm VS the great outdoors. Keeping on going during the wetter months will see you return to the fairweather months fitter than ever before.

Quieter Roads

Scenic roads and routes during the summer months can be incredibly busy, with both vehicular traffic and cycling traffic. During the winter months, or just rainy days - there’s less people around - meaning you can enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude of riding on your own. 

Commuting Cost Savings

If you use your bike to commute - then riding throughout the winter months will help save on train fees or motoring bills when the weather is poor, helping free up budget for new gear. 

Perfect excuse for new kit

Riding during the winter months is the perfect excuse for you to indulge and buy a new kit - from a new ‘winter specific’ bike - right across to new waterproofs and shoe covers. If you love cycling kit, it’s a perfect opportunity to get out and spend. 

It’s satisfying

There’s nothing better than getting back into the warm and dry after a ride out - it’s also an opportunity to get to know the inner workings of your bike, as you clean the winter road grime off it. 

It gives you more time to Train & Ride

Living in an admittedly wet and rainy country like the UK, months can go by without knowing if you are waiting for the right weather to get out riding in. Riding in all weathers means you can get out and enjoy your hobby, a lot more. 

It’s impressive

You can be the one cyclist who rides in the rain, and gains respect for doing so!