Reasons To Buy The Cannondale Topstone

At Westbrook Cycles, in recent years and especially during the increase in cycling during the Coronavirus outbreak, we have been supplying our customers with an increased range of gravel bikes. These bikes have been purchased by a wide number of customers, some who are wanting to try a new cycling discipline - and by others who want to find the middle ground between a road bike and a mountain bike

One of the best and most popular gravel bikes that we have come across is the Cannondale Topstone. As well as gaining excellent reviews across the gravel bike community and larger biking industry, this bike has been really popular here in the Westbrook office. 

Below, we give a brief overview of the bike - as well as discuss some of the many reasons why you should consider purchasing the Topstone. Some of the reasons are:

You can ride further, for longer

Gravel Bikes are brilliant for so many reasons, first of all - they allow you to ride so many different routes, across all kinds of different terrain, from tarmac roads right across to forestry and fire tracks and everything in between. Gravel Bikes can become a cyclist's everything bike. 

Riding Position

The Topstone provides the absolute ideal riding position, we found the riding position to be upright enough to be comfortable for the long haul, ensuring good levels of control across technical terrain. It’s still low enough and forward enough however, to provide plenty of pace and speed. 


This bike is one of the most rideable bikes that we supply - with a range of mounts for water, storage, and downtube mounts available - this bike can be easily made into a touring bike. 

Smooth Ride

The Topstone is set up to be able to handle 42mm wide tyres ensuring that this bike can tackle all kinds of terrain. 

Suspension Technology

The Cannondale Topstone Carbon features one of the most innovative suspension designs that we have ever seen - using a thru axle pivot in the seat tube which allows the entire back of the bike frame to flex - much in the same way that leaf springs do. This means that the rider can benefit from comfort, without the added weight of chunky and bulky suspension components. 

At the front of the Topstone is an all new lefty fork - designed specifically for the gravel bike - allowing comfort, as well as precision.


The gearing of these bikes is incredibly diverse - allowing for on and off road performance across ascents, descents and flat riding. 


As well as performing well, this bike looks incredibly classy - it’s an attractive bike which has been thoughtfully designed. 

Buy Cannondale Topstone Online

At Westbrook, we have good stock levels for both aluminum and carbon versions of the Topstone. You can view the full range of Topstone bikes here, and as always - if you have any questions about the range - just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.