Mountain Biking And Weight Loss

An article about weight loss is not the usual format for our posts here at Westbrook Cycles, but after our own experiences and the experiences of many of our customers, the link between mountain biking and weight loss is really strong, and it’s a topic which is worthy of our time, with weight loss being one of the key reasons why so many people get into mountain biking, or get back into mountain biking after some time away from the sport. 

Although we are not medical experts, the old adage of less calories consumed and more movement is easy enough for us to understand. More movement in the form of mountain biking, we do understand, and in this article we look at some of the reasons why mountain biking is the perfect form of exercise for those wanting to drop the pounds. 

Mountain Biking & Fat Burning

Studies have shown that our bodies need to burn off excess energy in the form of food energy before the body uses fat reserves as an energy source, which is typically over the twenty minute mark. Mountain bike rides are usually much longer than twenty minutes, so jumping on the mountain bike is a surefire way of getting your body into the calorie burning zone. 

You can burn calories without noticing

It’s very very easy to lose track of time when out mountain biking, you are having fun whilst challenging yourself, reaching high speeds and tackling all kinds of different terrain. It’s during these moments when you are completely lost in your journey, that you are burning calories. By the time you are realising you are exercising, you will have already burnt a massive number of calories - completely different compared to staring at the same wall in the gym over and over again. 

The Rewards are massive

The views, and being out in the countryside makes mountain biking massively rewarding - as well as seeing some great scenery, you can enjoy being immersed in the great outdoors, all of which are more reasons why people stick to mountain biking as a hobby, as part of their weight loss goals. 

It’s hard to be a lazy mountain biker

Unlike many other forms of exercise, such as jogging - you can’t always rely on mountain bike terrain to provide an easy surface to ride on. The changeable terrain of mountain biking means that you have to continually push yourself to be rewarded with the best rides and routes. 

It’s strangely relaxing

Mountain Biking is fantastic for your mental health, providing a relief from the stresses and strains of the daily grind. This stress release, accompanied by a feeling of accomplishment, means that it’s easier to say no to the instant gratification of junk food, making sticking to a diet plan easier. 

You will need a decent mountain bike

One of the things you will need to lose weight on a mountain bike, is a good mountain bike. Riding a poor quality mountain bike will provide nothing but a frustrating ride, and poor performance across varying terrain and conditions.

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply a fantastic range of mountain bikes suitable for all riding requirements, preferences and capabilities. All of these bikes provide an excellent way of getting, and staying fit.