Mountain Bike Jersey Buying Guide

Although it’s easy to assume that cycling jerseys are the reserve of road cyclists, there’s actually a fantastic range of Mountain Bike Jerseys available to buy. These Jerseys differ from cycling jerseys in a few different ways, and all of these jerseys provide both comfort and high performance in equal measure, keeping mountain bikers comfortable and most importantly, comfortable enough to have an enjoyable day out mountain biking.

As there are a number of different mountain biking disciplines, mountain biking jerseys do vary depending upon on the type of riding carried out, aside from those racing cross country - mountain bike jerseys do not need to fit as aerodynamically as road cycling jerseys - allowing for a more free fitting jersey to be worn.

Types of Mountain Bike Jersey

Downhill Mountain Bike Jersey

Downhill Mountain Bike Jerseys are typically loose fitting, allowing for body armour to be worn underneath them. Looking very similar to a motocross jersey, these jerseys look incredibly cool - and many downhill jerseys feature reinforced patches and protection in areas which can sustain damage in the event of a crash. Other unique designs and features include goggle wipes, as well as a tailored neck shape which allows a neck brace to be worn.

One of our favourite Downhill Jerseys is the Scott Trail Tuned Short Sleeve Jersey. This Jersey is constructed from tough materials, and features a mesh back panel to wick away sweat, there's a really cool reflective camo print so this jersey keeps you safe off the trails.

Enduro Mountain Bike Jersey

Enduro Mountain Bike Jerseys are the most diverse of all mountain bike jerseys, typically made from thicker materials than downhill jerseys - these jerseys still feature comfort specific designs, and materials which wick sweat away from the body, helping regulate temperature. These jerseys usually also have pockets for storing all of the essentials needed for a day out mountain biking.

One of the best, is the Celium Short Sleeve Jersey from 100 Percent. This jersey is incredibly comfortable, and has a shock cord waist closure which ensures all day comfort, and the perfect fit. It also stretches four ways, so no matter what your riding position - you can get, and stay comfortable.

Race Mountain Bike Jersey

Jerseys designed for use by those racing mountain bikes are incredibly similar to road cycling jerseys, almost all of these jerseys feature a rear pocket for nutrition and riding essentials. One of the best in the business, is the Fox XC Short Sleeve Jersey. It’s based on the JLVelo Team Stretch Race Jersey, featuring a snug fit favoured by the professionals.

Mountain Biking Jerseys Online

The above jerseys are just a small sample from the wide range of mountain biking jerseys that we have available, working with a massive number of brands who we know and trust to design and manufacture the best jerseys - we are confident that every rider can find the perfect jersey from within our range. 


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