Mountain Bike Helmets Guide

Across the full Mountain Bike industry, and the cycling industry in general, technological advancements have made the sport not only more fun, but also a lot safer. Not surprisingly one of the biggest areas where advancements have been made, which benefits all, is in the design and manufacture of Mountain Bike helmets. 

Once upon a time, mountain bike helmets were pretty poor - they were largely uncomfortable and really were only ever worn out of pure necessity. These days, it’s completely different; comfortable, stylish mountain bike helmets offer fantastic levels of protection for all kinds of mountain bike rider. It is important, however, to remember that most mountain bike helmets are designed for one impact only so if your helmet has had a significant impact - it’s time to replace it. 

The most important thing about choosing the right mountain bike helmet for you, is actually just to wear one. All cycle helmets meet the minimum standards for design and safety, so there is really no ‘bad’ helmet to wear - although choosing a helmet specific to your requirements is of course, the best choice.

Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets VS Open Face

One of the biggest decisions to make when purchasing a mountain bike helmet is whether to choose a full face helmet or an open face helmet. The answer to this question is usually pretty clear depending upon the type of mountain biking that you do. 

If you spend your time riding down trails then a full face helmet is more than likely the way you should go. The extra protection that these helmets provide in a high risk environment is massive, and your full face will thank you for choosing a full face helmet if you have a fall. 

If you spend the majority of your time riding cross country with only a little bit of time on trails, then it’s an open face helmet that you will benefit from. These helmets still provide a good level of protection whilst allowing the rider to remain in comfort - unlike wearing a full face helmet for long periods of cross country riding. 

You can view our full range of open face Mountain Bike Helmets available to buy here, and our full face helmets can be found here.