Madison Cycling Jackets

Madison Lightweight Jackets

Madison designs and manufactures an excellent range of lightweight cycling jackets, for both road cyclists and mountain bikers. These jackets are both thin and lightweight, often designed to be packed up and stored whilst out cycling, ready to wear if conditions worsen and they are needed. These lightweight jackets have very little in the way of insulation, so they are recommended for spring, summer and autumn months when the weather can catch a cyclist out.

One of the most popular models is the Madison Flux Super Light Packable Shell Jacket. This jacket is the ideal wind and showerproof jacket to take out on a ride, and can be easily stored in a hydration pack or rucksack. It’s designed to stay comfortable when out riding, and allows for complete freedom of movement.


Madison Softshell Jackets

Madison Softshell Jackets are windproof and provide a good degree of protection from water. Incredibly breathable, these softshell jackets are perfect for spring and autumn weather for providing a comfortable, warm layer which allows the rider to wear a wide range of base layers underneath.

Madison designs and manufactures an excellent array of soft shell cycling jackets, encompassing many different designs and features. Hooded softshell jackets are available, and there’s a range of storage options and high visibility features across the range. These softshell jackets vary from race and high performance softshell jackets, right across to casual fit jackets.

One of the most popular jackets within the range is the Madison Apex Lightweight Softshell Jacket. It’s best seen as a combination of a long sleeve jersey and a softshell jacket and it works perfectly over the top of a base layer or short sleeve jersey. There are plenty of pockets and it also boasts a 5K waterproof rating, along with being fully breathable.

Madison Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof Jackets sit at the top of the range from Madison. All of these jackets have been designed to keep the rider warm and dry in the very worst weather conditions, which in the UK usually means plenty of rain. These jackets are designed to be incredibly comfortable, as they are unlikely to be taken off during a ride. 

As well as being comfortable, all Madison waterproof jackets are breathable which helps wick sweat away from the body allowing the rider to regulate body temperature. Designed with cycling in mind, these jackets fit really well and have an excellent array of features ranging from storage to extra ventilation.

One of the most impressive and popular options from the Madison Waterproof jacket range is the DT3-layer storm mountain bike jacket. This jacket is created using a fully seam sealed three layer fabric which allows complete waterproof protection and breathability. There’s a 3d hood designed to be used with helmets, plenty of storage and ventilation. It’s a jacket which is designed to be comfortable as well, with plenty of adjustment.