Long Finger Cycling Glove Guide

Long Fingered Gloves are perfect for all kinds of cycling disciplines, from fast road riders, mountain bikers and commuters. As with any form of cycling clothing and accessories, the amount of choice available is massive - and there are a range of full finger MTB gloves which keep riders looking and feeling confident and comfortable. These long finger gloves provide excellent levels of grip, as well as protection from the elements. 

Lightweight Full Finger Gloves

The first choice that we look at are lightweight full finger gloves. These full finger gloves are most popular with mountain bikers - and they provide plenty of grip, whilst being able to wick away sweat and moisture from the hands, keeping the wearer comfortable. These full finger gloves also protect the hands from damage and scratches from brushes and branches - and mean that excellent levels of control can be maintained. These gloves also have a great crossover for wear by cyclists and road cyclists. 

Lightweight Full Finger Gloves

Armoured and padded Full Finger MTB Gloves are another popular option with mountain bikers, especially those riding downhill trails. These downhill gloves do an excellent job of protecting the hands, not only from bushes and branches along a route - the rip resistant materials within these gloves ensure that the hands remain protected from abrasion. These gloves also have different levels of padding and armour within them, providing extra protection in the event of a crash. 

Winter/Waterproof Full Finger Gloves

Riding in winter is challenging enough without having cold extremities, such as hands. Numb cold hands not only provide a miserable riding experience, but they can also prevent safe control over the brakes and gears of the bike. These waterproof full finger gloves are usually passed by insulation, such as neoprene - and because of their all weather ability, are great for road cyclists, mountain bikers and commuters alike. Most of these gloves are breathable, for extra comfort.