Lightweight Mountain Bikes

At Westbrook Cycles, we only stock mountain bikes from brands which have a commitment to providing high performance mountain bikes, at a range of different price points. We stock the latest bikes from the likes of Giant, Scott and Cannondale - all of whom have gone on a quest to make their bikes as efficient, and as lightweight as possible.

Although mountain bikes today have been designed with minimal weight in mind, mountain bikes in recent years and times have become increasingly complex machines - which does add weight, whilst also adding incredible levels of performance. Whilst the mountain bike machines of the 1990s era were incredibly lightweight, heavier mountain bikes today are more efficient and are much better in going up and down, and across - a massive array of terrain.

The weight gain on mountain bikes has been the result of an intense series of technological developments, starting with the suspension fork, rear suspension shocks, disc brakes, larger bigger wheels, dropper seat posts, wider handlebars and a whole host of weight adding technological gains which we cannot live without.

Bikes manufactured today are also more reliable and tougher than ever before. It’s a mistake however to think that bike manufacturers do not care about weight, super lightweight alloys and carbon fibre is used to make both hardtail and full suspension frames and components - and bike manufacturers place great importance on their suppliers to keep total component weight low. The results are brilliant, with incredibly light and incredibly capable mountain bikes which are a joy to ride.

Those looking for the lightest weight mountain bikes, should choose a carbon fibre hardtail bike - and those looking for bikes which are just for off road tracks - should consider a gravel bike, which is essentially a throwback to the super lightweight mountain bikes of yesteryear.