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Who Are Kogel And Why Are They Different?

Kogel bearings was started by Ard Kessles, an ex-bike shop owner in Belgium. Ard realised that the industry standard bearings used in the bottom brackets, jockey wheels and wheel hubs were just not up to scratch, particularly for those investing a lot of money into a high end machine. Ard also realised that different bikes have different needs from these components and set out to make a range of products that would be the best available whilst eliminating the need for any adapters.

Kogel products are tested in what they refer to as "Terrainlab"; real world scenarios that provide much more relevant testing environments than a standard lab can replicate. This testing in conjunction with feedback from professional athletes leads to a superior product all round; ultra-low friction bearings provide top performance while lasting years with the minimal amount of maintenance.

Bottom Brackets

The Ceramic coated bearings in a Kogel bottom bracket run with less friction and are more resistant to bad weather. Two different seal types allow you to choose whether you want to further protect your bearings against the harsher elements or go for an out-and-out performance related product intended for use where every Watt matters.

Kogel bottom brackets are designed to fit the majority of crank and frame combinations without the use of adapters, meaning less power loss and no creaking. The range covers most major frame manufacturers as well as the majority of crank standards including Shimano, Sram GXP and BB30.

Jockey Wheels

Kogel's jockey or pulley wheels use the same ceramic bearings as their bottom brackets. Again, two seal options allow you to match the jockey wheels to your bike, with the all-weather option making them perfect for your mountain or cyclocross bike. Aluminium pulleys mean that not only do the bearings last longer, but so do the teeth on the wheel so your drivetrain runs smoother for longer. Kogel pulley wheels are intended to be used with the existing derailleur cage and are compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram.

As with all Kogel products, pulley wheels are covered under their two year, very few questions asked warranty.

Very Few Questions Asked Warranty

For the very rare occasion that your bottom bracket or jockey wheels are not up to standard, all Kogel products are covered by their two year "very few questions asked" warranty. If you feel that your Kogel bottom bracket or jockey wheels are under-performing or have failed, we at Westbrook Cycles will work with Kogel to have your warranty claim dealt with as soon as possible.