Intermediate Road Bikes

Road Bikes follow the same key design principles, they are lightweight, they feature dropped handlebars, have narrow wheels and tyres, usually have a carbon fibre fork and do not feature any suspension, either front or rear. 

A lot of customers we speak to, are looking to upgrade their ‘beginner’ road bike onto a bike more suited to intermediate riding, one with upgraded components, potentially a carbon fibre frame, and designs which allow greater speed, and more dynamic handling. 

Intermediate bikes are usually purchased by those looking to get into racing, or/and those who have been well and truly bitten by the road cycling bug. Because these bikes are designed for customers who already love the sport, naturally the budgets here begin to head into ‘mid-range’ territory. 

At Westbrook, we stock and supply an excellent range of intermediate road bikes - all of which have been handpicked from the world’s leading manufacturers of road bikes. They only make it onto our site once we are happy that the bike not only provides excellent performance, but also excellent value for our customers. 

Intermediate bikes can have both carbon fibre or aluminium frames, although all have carbon fibre components, such as front forks. Although aluminium is a lightweight material, entry level carbon fibre bikes are some of the top choices for intermediate cyclists looking to upgrade their bike. Although they are more expensive, there are clear advantages when it comes to not only weight saving, but the ability for carbon fibre bikes to soak up vibrations and movement from the road. 

Below, are three of what we think are the very best value for money intermediate road bikes available on the market.

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Carbon Disc Road Bike

Representing incredible value, the 105 version of this bike is the fastest and lightest road bike available on the market - and this generation of the bike, builds upon the success and popularity of previous Supersix models.

Scott Foil Disc Road Bike

Carbon framed, the 2019 Scott Foil 20 Disc road bike is reduced by 34%, down to just £2,099.95. Offering unbeatable value for money.

Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2 Road Bike

One of the most popular endurance bikes that we supply to our customers, this high performance road bike twins Giants very own lightweight composite frame material, to high quality components for a dynamic, high performance ride every time. 


You can view our full collection of Road Bikes here, and as always - please do get in touch if you have any questions about the collection.