Intermediate Mountain Bikes

At Westbrook Cycles, we know how important is to buy the right bike for your requirements - and that’s why our customer services teams are equipped with all of the knowledge required for our customers to make the right decision for them. Our teams are able to provide this information with the right balance of internal and external training and plenty of visits to our suppliers such as Bergamont, Cannondale and Giant

One of the areas we give a lot of thought to, is matching the right bikes to biking capabilities - ensuring that our customers do not only receive a mountain bike fit for their requirements at the point of purchase, but also a mountain bike which they can continue to use and enjoy as their skill set develops. Intermediate Mountain Bikes are some of the most important products in helping us achieve the aim of providing the perfect mountain bike to every customer. 

As an intermediate mountain bike rider, you should be able to bike across a wide range of different surfaces and trails - you can climb well, and are able to tackle some challenging descents with confidence. The main choice for customers looking for their next intermediate mountain bike, is between a hardtail intermediate bike, across to an intermediate full suspension mountain bike. 

A hardtail mountain bike still represents an excellent choice, although at a higher price point - intermediate riders may lean towards a full suspension bike. Both types of bike have particular advantages, and hardtail mountain bikes bring a lightweight, playful feel to any ride out. Those looking for a more capable bike, will have their head turned by a full suspension bike - which can be ridden across everything from uphill sections, to steep and technical descents. 

Below, we have listed a couple of our personal favourite and best selling, intermediate mountain bikes which we know and trust to provide excellent performance, and value.

Giant Talon 1 Hardtail Mountain Bike

This hardtail mountain bike provides the perfect package for those wanting to hit the dirt, able to tackle everything from forestry tracks to downhill trails - this aluminium bike focuses on providing a dynamic handling experience, whilst also providing unbeatable levels of control.

Giant Stance 29 1 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Giant Stance Full Suspension Bike is the perfect full suspension bike of choice for intermediate and advanced mountain bikers, we have ridden this bike extensively at Westbrook and can vouch for its flowing and dynamic handling, which makes tricky descents a breeze. It’s another bike which provides a confidence inspiring ride.

Cannondale Trail 2 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Boasting high quality components and a go anywhere capability, the Cannondale Trail 2 mountain bike is one of our personal favourites. It’s the ideal bike for getting about, and its front suspension forks easily swallow up lumps and bumps off road. 


You can view the full range of mountain bikes here, and as ever please do get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection.