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Hybrid Bikes VS Mountain Bike For Kids

If you buy the right bike for your child - they will learn to love cycling both on and off the roads. As they grow older, their bike becomes a good means of transportation - allowing them to explore job opportunities such as paper rounds, and most importantly, allowing you to put your feet up and relax without having to ferry them everywhere. If you buy the wrong bike for your child, what should give them freedom will cause them great anxiety - bikes which are too big, too heavy or too unwieldy, very rarely allow the child to enjoy and continue exploring the world of cycling.

The children's cycling market is growing all of the time - with more and more bike brands offering better quality bikes for youngsters. One of the biggest decisions for parents to make, when it comes to choosing a bike for their child, is whether to buy a mountain bike or a hybrid bike.

Those reading who know a little bit about bikes, will already know that hybrid bikes are more biased towards tarmac and roads - where mountain bikes are more designed to tackle off road terrain. At Westbrook, if it’s your child's first bike - we would recommend purchasing a hybrid bike, and in this post - we look at some of the reasons for and against different kids bike choices.

Kids Mountain Bikes

Kids Mountain Bikes remain a very popular choice for parents getting their children into cycling - as well as being able to handle off-road terrain - mountain bikes also manage to behave themselves on the road. Although these mountain bikes can ride across all kinds of terrain, it’s recommended that if most cycling is to be done on tarmac - then a hybrid bike is the right choice.

Kids Hybrid Bikes

The biggest clue is in the name when it comes to hybrid bikes - these bikes can do it all, designed for use on tarmac and solid surfaces, hybrid bikes can also handle some light off road use - and their off-roading ability, usually goes further than the child's off-roading ability. These bikes make for the perfect first kids bike.

Kids Bikes Online

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent range of kids bikes - which are available to buy online. These bikes predominantly come in the form of hardtail mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes - with rigid forks. Available at a range of price points, the kids bikes that we supply mirror much of the technology and design from adult bikes, so provide excellent performance and value.