How To Increase E-MTB Range

Those among us who ride an electric mountain bike, will probably be aware of the term - electric mountain bike range anxiety. We have all experienced it, you are off road far away from home and see your battery levels draining away at a rapid rate. Electric Mountain Biking soon becomes addictive, you can go further, faster and higher than ever before - but it’s not much fun if your battery dies and you are left cycling a suddenly very heavy mountain bike home. 

E-MTB’s take a little bit of getting used to, and in this post we share some of our tips and tricks to extend the range of your e-bike without having to upgrade the battery supply. 

Respect the Power Modes

Most electric mountain bikes have different power modes available to use. Although some motors have a dynamic or intelligent power mode, which supplies the amount of power it thinks is required. Eco-mode which is pretty universal on e-mtb’s is the best mode for keeping the range of the battery going for as long as possible, avoid modes such as Turbo and Sport until required, or if out for a shorter blast out.  

Remember you can still pedal! 

Most E-MTB’s are pedal assist, which places emphasis on pedalling to get around. Remember that these bikes are still designed to be moved by pedalling and human power Vs relying on the battery alone. Instead of relying on the motor, continue to pedal and change gears to ensure that your pedals provide optimum cadence. 

Cadence, Cadence, Cadence

Low Cadence is one of the biggest issues that electric mountain bikes face, as well as sapping battery levels - low cadence also prematurely wears out electric mountain bike drivetrains and components. To ensure that your bike performs as it should, you will need to pedal to enjoy the maximum levels of assistance Vs lazily heading up ascents and letting the motor struggle. 

Suspension Setup

Much in the same way that full suspension bikes sap your energy when the suspension is set really soft, it’s the same with electric mountain bikes. Stiffen up the settings and setup of your suspension and see your e-bike range increase. 


Climbs are the quickest way to use up your battery levels, make sure you are in the right gear and attack the ascents, enjoying the extra boost of the motor, rather than just relying on it. 


When heading back downhill, use Eco-mode to save battery when the motor is not required. Small changes like this can add up to a big difference when it comes to remaining range. 

Look Ahead

Looking ahead and planning your route well, makes a lot of difference to both electric bike range and also your own riding skills. Picking your route to avoid unnecessary obstacles and runoffs allows you to stay on the trail, and be efficient as possible with your bike. 

Pack a spare

If you are still struggling to get the range from your E-MTB that you want, you can always purchase a second battery pack to fit and use when out on the trails - giving you the flexibility to ride wherever you want, and reach further than ever before. 

Electric Mountain Bikes Online

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