How To Fall Back In Love With Cycling

Cycling is a fantastic sport, but as with anything in life - a few difficult rides, some poor form and fitness or some bad weather can see your passion and enthusiasm for heading out on the bike diminish. So if you are struggling to find cycling motivation, or just want a few tips and tricks to make each ride out even more enjoyable - read on as we run through some surefire ways to ensure that you enjoy your cycling more than ever.

Ride with Mates

The best way to not notice the miles as you ride them, is to ride with friends - good conversation, stops to admire viewpoints and shared stories all make rides with friends a fantastic experience - which not only gets you out on the bike more, but also gets you riding for further and for longer.

If you already have a keen bunch of cyclists as friends, ideal - if not, join a local cycling group or club to meet like minded people who can become lifelong friends.


If you are riding a bike in discomfort - you are less likely to want to head out on the bike. Don’t worry too much about adopting the most aerodynamic race line which hurts your neck and back - sit upright and minimise back pain. Likewise, if you are cycling without the right gear, such as padded shorts, you are bound to find every ride uncomfortable, choose cycling gear which makes your life in the saddle easier and more comfortable.

Take plenty of Breaks

Whether you are cycling on the road, or off road across challenging terrain - do not stop yourself from pausing for a rest. Getting some air back in your lungs whilst admiring a view is the perfect way to enjoy a ride. If you have cafes along the route that you ride, make sure you pack a little extra cash for a hard earned coffee and cake.

Challenge Yourself

Depending upon your fitness levels, set yourself a challenge you build up to in a single event - such as the coast to coast, or challenge yourself to ride a certain number of miles in a month.

A Different Discipline

Mix up your cycling to enjoy different benefits and also different perspectives on your daily ride. If you can usually be found on a mountain bike, try jumping on a road bike and vice-versa.

Love Your Bike

Investing a relatively small amount of money into upgrading components on your bike, or just sprucing your bike up with some new handlebar grips - can give you a new lease of life when it comes to wanting to head out on the bike.

Try Something New

If you commute on your bike to work everyday, try riding it on a weekend in a more casual and relaxed setting. Likewise, if you do not use your bike for commuting, take it to the office one day.

Signpost Interval Training

Interval training provides a massive number of health and fitness benefits, and it keeps rides interesting. A good and random way of carrying out interval training is sprinting on your bike between road signs.

Choose Downhill

Road cyclists especially are obsessed with ascents and pushing themselves further and further. If you feel a little fed up with this approach however, just concentrate on finding some beautiful descents to ride down.

Listen to your favourite Tunes

Although it’s important to maintain your situational awareness, especially when on the roads - listening to music can increase your ride enjoyment, as well as ride performance massively.

Slow Down

You don’t have to be a Strava hero all of the time, relax - enjoy the bike ride and take in your surroundings - especially if you are mountain biking in the great outdoors.

Stop Cycling

Although this last tip may sound a little strange, there is nothing at all wrong with taking a break from riding your bike - allowing you to look forward to jumping on that bike once more.