How To Choose The Perfect Cycle Jersey

As with any specialist sport, choosing the right equipment and clothing makes life significantly easier. The right cycling jersey for example, makes every ride more comfortable, more confident and as a result, more enjoyable. Those not choosing to ride in a jersey, and choosing something like a cotton t-shirt will very quickly become damp and cold, because of sweat - leading them to cut a ride short for comfort reasons.

Cycling jerseys are designed to be worn when cycling, so they easily tackle storage, comfort and temperature requirements. 

Synthetic Jerseys VS Natural Fibre Jerseys

One of the first choices to make when choosing a cycling jersey, is making the choice between choosing a jersey made from synthetic materials or natural materials. Although it may sound initially better to choose a natural material, most modern jerseys are made from synthetic materials. They are made from synthetic materials for good reason, the synthetic blend of materials can be tailored around all sorts of requirements, from weight, wind resistance, water resistance and breathability. 

Many jerseys also have natural fibres in, with merino wool cycling jerseys being popular choices. Merino Wool is found on sheep who endure cold winters and hot summers - so their wool has evolved to deal with both conditions really well. Merino wool is also soft and breathable, so it’s a good choice for a jersey material - although it is expensive. 

Most jerseys that we supply, use a blend of both synthetic materials and natural material such as Merino. 

How Tight should a Cycling Jersey Be?

Trying a cycling jersey on for the first time, can make the item feel ill fitting or uncomfortable. That’s because cycling jerseys are designed to be worn in the position of riding a bike, so whilst a jersey may feel tighter or too short when stood up, it’s perfect when sitting on the bike. This fit ensures there is no waste material when on the bike, getting in the way. Tightness can usually be felt across the shoulders, and jerseys can feel short at the front, when stood up.

The fit of the jersey that you buy, will typically depend on the riding and days out that you have planned. If you are racing, then you quite rightly want the tightest fitting, most aerodynamic jersey that you can buy - for every second of aerodynamic advantage. If you are riding recreationally, and enjoy a stop at a few coffee shops on your cycling route - you may be best choosing a slightly looser fitting jersey, allowing you to feel more comfortable off the bike. 

Long sleeve and short sleeve cycling jerseys are available - and if wondering whether to choose long sleeve or short sleeve jerseys, we would always advise that short sleeve jerseys are more versatile, as they can be used in conjunction with arm warmers if extra coverage is required. 

Relaxed Fit Cycling Jerseys

Relaxed Fit Cycling Jerseys are tight enough to provide aerodynamic performance VS non cycling clothing, but are relaxed enough to be able to wear in the pub or coffee shop whilst out on a ride. 

Sporting Fit Cycling Jerseys

Sporting fit cycling jerseys are ideal for those riding at a club level, sitting between a race performance jersey and a more relaxing fit jersey. 

Race Fit Cycling Jerseys

Race fit jerseys have no loose fabric, meaning that these jerseys are incredibly tight fitting and are designed for maximum attack and maximum speed. 

Lightweight/Climbing Cycling Jerseys

Lightweight Jerseys are available for cycling in warm temperatures, and for those tackling difficult rides - especially rides with a lot of climbing. 

Bad Weather Cycling Jerseys

Jerseys are also available with water resistance and water resistant fabrics - allowing you to continue your ride, regardless of the weather. 

Cycling Jerseys Online

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent range of cycling jerseys, available to buy online. You can view the complete collection here, and if you have any questions about the collection - please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.