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Haibike Technology Glossary
Haibike Technology Glossary


eBikes are at the forefront of cycling technology and amongst the best manufacturers are Haibike. Haibike are a brand that are synonymous with eBikes and have been a driving force in the industry since it's conception. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from which leads to some of the most innovative products on the market.

All of this technology can be confusing, especially as a lot of it has not been seen in the cycling industry before. Here is Westbrook Cycles' quick rundown of the various technologies that Haibike equip their sDuro (Yamaha) and xDuro (Bosch) models with.

Haibike skidplate


The SkidPlate is a simple yet innovative invention designed to protect the Yamaha and Bosch motors that are found in our Haibikes from damage.

To achieve the best handling, a bike's centre of gravity needs to be as low as possible. Haibike position the motors low in the frames of their bikes for this reason and so the motors can become susceptible from gravel spray and impacts. The SkidPlate protects the motors from any of this kind of damage and as it is made from an impact-resistant plastic rather than metal, it means the SkidPlate will usually bounce back to it's original shape rather than deforming. If the SkidPlate does become damaged itself, it can be replaced inexpensively and with ease.

Haibike Gravity Casting Interface

Gravity Casting Interface

The Motor Interface is the heart of the bike frame where everything comes together; the shock mounts and swing arm that forms the rear suspension on mountain bikes are mounted here, the downtube which mounts the battery connects here, and the motor itself is housed here. This interface is key to the whole bike's performance and stability.

The casting process itself is borrowed from the motorcycle industry and allows the interface to be molded from Aluminium-Zinc alloy with a uniform thickness throughout. This ensures that this key component of a Haibike's frame is very strong and also lightweight.


Step-In Battery Concept

Haibike construct the downtubes of their frames using unique hydroformed tubing which allows the battery to sit in the downtube, rather than on top of it. This creates three positive effects;

1. The battery is lower down so the centre of gravity is lower. This results in better handling

2. There are no need for welds and joins so the frame is lighter and stronger

3. The resulting integration leads to much more pleasing lines aesthetically and a frame that not only is lighter, but looks lighter.


Integrated Motor Concept

The motor is what makes an eBike an eBike. Thanks to the Gravity Casting Interface used in the construction of the frames, Haibike can fully integrate the motors in to the bikes making them look and perform like they are part of the frame, not just added on. As there is no need for any additional mountings, the size of the motor is visually reduced and helps to keep the overall appearance of the frame more refined.


Bosch Performance CX Drive Unit

The Bosch Performance CX motor has been specially designed for sports eBikes and has a number of clever features which make it an excellent choice. The motor has a maximum torque of 75Nm which is constant throughout low-cadence climbs and high speed ranges. The power output can be managed by the rider to offer support in the range of 50-300% depending on the terrain and how long the rider wants the battery to last. To ensure that gear shifting is smooth, the Performance CX has a "shift detection" feature which automatically recognises when a rider is changing gear and alters the power output to make for a slick shift and protect the drivetrain components from damage.


Yamaha PW Drive Unit

The Yamaha PW system has two main features that set it apart from other motors. Firstly, the "Zero-Cadence" system means that as soon as the rider starts turning the cranks, the motor will kick in to assist. Secondly, the Yamaha PW is one of the only eBike motors to allow a dual chainring setup e which gives riders a wider choice of gears ratios. It has a maximum torque of 80Nm and is quiet and compact.

Bosch Intuvia Display

Bosch Intuvia Display

The Intuvia is the control unit for the motor and a multi-function computer all in one sleek, compact unit. The computer features include the same functions a standard cycle computer would offer such as average, maximum and current speeds, trip and overall distances, and a clock. The unit also allows the rider to alter the output of the motor to change the level of assist on different terrain and gradients, or to allow the battery to last longer to cycle greater distances; there's even a range indicator which accurately and clearly shows how far the rider can go at the current level of assist. The display is controlled via a remote control mounted near the handlebar grips so your hands never have to leave the handlebars to control the full range of features.

Bosch Purion

Bosch Purion Display

The Bosch Purion is a control centre and display that has been compacted down to the essentials to reduce weight and provide an unobtrusive look. It is supplied with the high performance xDuro Haibikes and provide control over the assist mode, walk-assist, and turning lights on and off, as well as providing the rider with speed and mileage read-outs and battery charge and range indicators. All of this information can be read with ease in low light situations due to a backlight in the display.


Yamaha Multifunction LCD Display

The Yamaha Multifunction LCD display can be repositioned quickly and easily, and operated by a remote control. It provides read-outs of all of the Yamaha motor's systems including assist level, battery level and range, current, maximum and average speeds, and distance travelled. If the eBike is fitted with a lighting system, this can also be operated through the touch of a button, along with a "walk mode" to assist the rider when not on the bike.


eLight System

To take away from the "bolted-on afterthought" look that can often come from adding lights to a bike, Haibike have created a sleeker, more integrated light system. They are designed as part of the bike so they are not only functional, but are also visually part of the bike itself.

The eLight system on any xDuro (Bosch) bike can be upgraded individually or as a complete set.


Haibike Sprocket

Most of the Bosch powered xDuro models have a specially designed sprocket which rotates 2.5 times faster than the cranks. This allows the sprocket to be smaller for reduced weight and more ground clearance. The teeth are milled into a unique shape that ensures 100% contact with the chain to increase the longevity of both components, and an integrated chainring guide/bash ring further protects from any damage.


Dual Chainrings

The Haibike sDuro range operating the Yamaha PW drive unit allows for two chainrings to be fitted. This gives riders more gear options so there is always an optimal gear range for going up the steepest of inclines, or descending at high speed.