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GT Bicycles Derailleur Hangers

Westbrook Cycles recognises the importance of having spare parts available for your bike to keep it running in perfect condition. We have a huge number of parts available for most of our bike brands, and GT Bicycles are no exception.

The rear derailleur hanger on almost all modern bikes is deliberately engineered to break in an impact in order to save the more expensive frame and derailleur. These derailleur hangers, often referred to as rear mech hangers, are usually specific to each brand and model of bicycle, so getting the correct one for your bike is essential. We've compiled a list of all of the GT Bicycles rear mech hangers available in one handy guide, below.

GT Bicycles Replacements And Spares

GT Bicycles have been around since 1974, originally cutting their teeth on BMX frames and later on perhaps becoming more synonymous with mountain bikes. GT bikes are no stranger to the podiums of the world racing scene in Downhill and Enduro and often push the boundaries of technology with in the sport. GT mountain bikes have often been a racer's favourite as they feature innovative technology and performance at a great price.

In order to keep your GT bike running as it should, we've put together a list of all of the spares available for anything from a road bike to a GT full suspension mountain bike.

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