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GT eGrade Current Review

GT is one of the most iconic bike brands in the world, but they are mostly known for their excellent range of mountain bikes - now more than ever, they are pushing the boundaries of what is capable in the world of gravel bikes, as well as electric gravel bikes. GT in our opinion always provides excellent bikes, at great price points - and their electric gravel range is no exception.

One of the things we like most about GT Gravel Bikes is the carry over and trickle down of proven mountain bike technology, such as the Triple Triangle. This triple triangle frame has been designed to improve stiffness, and reduce flex whilst out on the trails, this technology has been carried over to gravel bikes, works well and looks fantastic.

Another great aspect of the eGrade and GT Gravel Bikes is their flat bar design, which works really well across off road terrain - some gravel bikes are too biased to on road performance, but the GT range of flat bar gravel bikes really do take care of business off the marked path. The GT range of gravel bikes have an excellent standard of components, as well as simple 1 x drivetrains which work really well, across all sorts of conditions.

The eGrade electric gravel bike is fitted with the x35 ebike motion electric pedal assist motor, which has been proven on a range of bikes over recent years. It’s an incredibly lightweight system, coming in at just 3.5kg including a 250 watt battery, making it the lightest system available. One of the biggest advantages of such a lightweight system, is the fact that this gravel bike can be ridden as a normal gravel bike, or an electric gravel bike - with the total weight of the bike coming in at just 14kg. Many customers ride this gravel bike without power assist, putting up with the marginal weight gain, knowing they can use the system as and when they need it, through fatigue or a challenging section.

The battery of the bike is located in the down tube, so it remains looking crisp and not clumsy like some bikes can, with externally mounted power packs. It’s easy to control, with a button that controls everything which is located on the top tube. There’s also an app available, which provides all of the riding information you would ever need.

We have discussed at length how this bike is powered, but it’s also worth looking at how it stops! The bike is fitted with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which work incredibly well across all off-road conditions and all weather conditions. The bike runs on a 700c wheelset, and comes as standard with gravel bike tyres ready for anything.

Gearing is provided by microSHIFT components - with a 1 x 10 drivetrain providing a wide range of gears to tackle all gradients. There is a 40t front chainring, which provides maximum performance when heading up steep, slippery and gravelly ascents. As well as working well off road, we have seen this bike used to great effect on the daily commute - not only offering a comfortable riding position with good visibility, but also with it’s off road capability, more options of taking the adventurous route home.