Gravel Bike

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent selection of Gravel Bikes - sourced from the world’s leading bike brands, such as Scott, Giant and Cannondale. Out on the trails and on the roads, there has never been so many gravel bikes getting used, across all kinds of different terrain and for different purposes - from weekend blasts to the daily commute. The increase in popularity of Gravel Bikes has seen a massive increase in the investment and range that Gravel Bike brands are creating, with more designs and options available than ever before.

For those wondering why to buy a Gravel Bike, and are wondering what exactly Gravel Bikes are - gravel bikes perfectly fit between mountain bikes and road bikes - allowing riders to enjoy mixed terrain. Gravel Bikes were born out of mountain bikes performing poorly on road, and road bikes performing poorly off road. Whilst Gravel Bikes cannot perform as well as mountain bikes or road bikes at their own game, they do provide the perfect balance of on road and off road performance - meaning you can ride and handle all types of terrain.

The main advantage of gravel bikes is pretty clear, they allow you to ride wherever you want to - within reason. Road, forest tracks, sand, parkland and grassland are all easily rideable, making a ride on a gravel bike incredibly fun, and incredibly interesting. As well as being fun to ride, the geometry of these gravel bikes is pretty relaxed compared to road bikes, to help the rider negotiate off road terrain. As well as this geometry serving its purpose off road, this geometry also helps make these bikes great for everyday riding and commuting.

As well as a relaxed geometry, Gravel Bikes usually use a mountain bike groupset to allow the best possible gearing and approach for hills and off road terrain. Disc Brakes are the universal brake of choice for Gravel Bikes - handling wet, muddy and off road conditions really well.

You can view our complete range of Gravel Bikes here, which have been handpicked from the world’s leading bike brands - including Scott, Giant and Cannondale. Once you have selected the right gravel bike for your needs, ordering online could not be easier and your bike will be delivered to a delivery address of your choice.