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Giant Revolt E+ Review

At Westbrook Cycles, we are massive fans of drop bar electric gravel bikes - these bikes really can do it all, from swallowing up tarmac miles, to making light work of rough off road terrain. The efficient designs of these gravel bikes are massively assisted by the presence of an electric motor - which allows the riders to travel both further and faster than ever before.

The Giant Revolt E+ is one of the most exciting electric gravel bikes available on the market - it’s powerful, but also simple to ride and operate - allowing the rider to concentrate on enjoying the ride, and pushing themselves and the bike to the limit. The Giant Revolt E+ has been re-engineered in 2022, and has a new syncDrive pro pedal assist system, which uses the proven Shimano EP8 motor. This motor has been fine tuned to provide the right amount of powerful pedal assist, whatever the terrain you encounter - you can expect smooth power delivery across gravel, dirt, off road terrain as well as tarmac roads. Support modes can easily be changed with the Shimano Di2 shift levers, which allows the rider to easily change modes - whilst enjoying the aesthetics of a cleanly designed bike.

As with other Giant E-Bikes, Ridecontrol on/off button which is found on the top of the top tube provides quick and simple operation of the power assist. This bike also uses Smart Assist, so there’s no requirement for changing motor modes on the go, instead the bike adapts to your riding style. This bike also has wider tyres, which suit off road terrain much better than thin tyres - and the bike has plenty of mounts to allow the use of fenders and racks, and other accessories.

Features of the bike include a tubeless wheel system, which has been designed to provide the most comfortable and reliable wheel system. The bike also has RIDECONTROL Go which uses coloured LED to show different power modes - keeping the handlebar area clean and clutter free, the LED light also shows battery level. As this bike is a gravel bike, it has no suspension in the way that a mountain bike does, instead it uses a D shaped composite seatpost which reduces vibration for a smoother ride.

Material wise, the bike is made from a high quality aluminium - from 6011 alloy and this material provides the best in group strength to weight ratio. The battery used is the impressive Energypak Compact 500, which is integrated into the downtube of the frame. It’s a smart battery, which provides continuous communication between the charging unit and the battery - for optimised charging and quicker charging times.

Giant have also published a very handy guide to the range this bike can achieve in the real world, varying from 31 miles in challenging conditions, up to 99 miles in ideal conditions.