Fox Suspension - Redefining Ride Dynamics At Westbrook Cycles

Since 1993 Fox have been at the forefront of mountain bike suspension technology, beginning their legacy by building rear shocks for Cannondale. In 2001 Fox started producing suspension forks to provide the full suspension bike with a complete solution, and by 2002 had their first UCI world champion in Brian Lopes.

Today, Fox are the first choice for the world's best athletes and produce components that enable them to take the top step on the podium in Cross Country, Enduro, Slopestyle and Downhill. Mountain biking giants such as Julien Absalon, Aaron Gwin, Richie Rude and Rachel Atherton have all taken world titles whilst riding on Fox suspension.

At Westbrook Cycles we are stoked to be offering Fox forks, shocks, seatposts and spares to give you that competitive advantage, or just improve your Sunday ride. Whether you're looking for a super lightweight Step-Cast XC fork to help you mountain goat your way up climbs or a plush DHX2 downhill shock for when it gets really gnarly, Fox have got your back.

Fox DPX2

The DPX2 rear shock is the pinnacle of trail technology, allowing riders to fine tune their ride perfectly. Three compression modes can be selected at the flick of a switch allowing for a firmer compression to climb on and medium and open settings for trail riding and downhills. The DPX2 features a dual piston design that builds on the excellent damper model of the X2 shock, leading to a smoother, more responsive ride. Small bump sensitivity is excellent and the support that is provided mid-stroke is great allowing for better handling and control. This is the ultimate competitive Enduro rider's shock.

Fox 36

Fox have updated their now iconic 36 forks for 2018 with a an "EVOL" (Extra Volume) air spring and brand new upper tubes. In terms of riding, this means the new 36 forks have even better small bump sensitivity and is even smoother than it was.

More damper and axle configurations give the more aggressive riders a wider range of options and compatibility with current standards such as Boost wheel spacing that is often found on today's Enduro rigs. The new 36 maintains it's reputation for strength and stiffness to provide a perfect balance of weight and performance.


For 2018, Fox has rolled out their EVOL Extra Volume technology to all of their forks, as well as continuing to use it in their shocks. The updated EVOL allows riders more options to tune bottom-out progression while a more linear spring curve provides a plusher ride with better small bump sensitivity.

The new EVOL shocks feature bodies compatible with the newer metric sizing, as well as the older imperial designs and are lighter than their predecessors. All Fox forks now feature the EVOL technology to give optimum small bump performance.

Fox FIT4

2018 hails the fourth iteration of Fox's FIT damper system and comes in 34 and 36 model forks. The FIT4 damper offers the rider three levels of on-the-fly compression adjustment to tune your ride for climbing, trail riding and downhills.

A reconfigured shim stack means aggressive riders will still find support where they need it but will also find an increased level of sensitivity for small bumps. The Kashima coated Factory series forks have a huge 22 clicks of low speed compression adjustment giving riders an unrivaled level of customisation.

Fox Performance Elite

Fox's 34, 36 and 40 model forks are now available in their Performance Elite level. The 34 and 36 forks retain the same dampers, weight and adjustments that the Factory series feature, but the upper Aluminium tubes are anodized in a Black coating instead of the Gold Kashima Coat. The 40 forks also feature this Black anodizing on the upper tubes, however the damper unit has fewer adjustments available to the rider than the Factory series.

All Performance Elite level forks have a graphics package which contrasts the Black forks perfectly.

Fox X2

The X2 architecture that provides the base to the DHX2 downhill shocks and Float X2 cross country and enduro shocks has been revised to give an improved linear damping profile. All X2 shocks have also been fitted with improved seals to prolong longevity.


The DPS Dual Piston System is Fox's highest performing inline shock and has been updated an improved for 2018. The valves have been revamped to improve rebound and compression, the result being more reactive suspension on open and medium modes, whilst maintaining a stiff pedalling platform in firm mode.

Fox Genuine Kashima Coat

Fox's iconic gold Kashima coat is to be found on all of their Factory series forks, shocks and seatposts. This coating provides the ultimate performance, both in terms of low-friction and longevity and is the same coating that the elite world level athletes all rely on.