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Fox Rear Shock Guide

Fox is one of the biggest and best names in mountain bike suspension, designing and manufacturing an incredible range of MTB forks and shocks, which provide excellent performance across all kinds of mountain bikes - from cross country bikes, to enduro mountain bikes as well as downhill mountain bikes. In this post, we run through the full range of Fox Rear Shocks - giving you an insight into the features of each model, as well as which Fox Shock will be best suited to your riding requirements.

Fox Float DPS Performance

The Fox Float DPS Performance is the first of the rear shocks we will look at. DPS level shocks benefit from three position levers, giving the rider the choice of having open, medium and firm compression. There is also a lever to adjust rebound and as the DPS performance is an air shock, the rider can also adjust air pressure.

The spring used in this shock is the EVOL air spring - which is widespread across the range, and is well proven in the field.

Fox Float DPS Factory

The inclusion of Factory in the name of this shock, tells us that it’s the highest specification of shock available from fox. It’s crammed with features, with a three position lever, as well as a two position lever which is available with a handlebar remote. Within the open compression setting, there are a further three settings, setting one providing a softer feel, and three providing a firmer feel. There are also 11 different rebound settings. Kashima coatings are used, which provides upgraded and extra lubrication for the shock, providing the very best performance and less wear & tear on the component.

Fox Float DPS Performance Elite

The performance Elite is only available as an OEM part - so the only opportunity to use one of these shocks is to either buy a bike fitted with it from the factory, or purchase it second hand. The performance elite has many of the same features of the Factory shock. The main difference between the performance elite and the factory shock, is that the factory shock is gold.

Fox Float DPX 2 Factory

This shock is designed to be a lightweight shock, tough enough to stand up for trail use. There are two versions, one which has a three position lever, and another version which has a two position lever - which can be handlebar mounted. The shock uses an EVOL air spring, and the three position lever version has open/medium and firm riding modes. This shock also has Kashima coatings, and there are ten clicks of rebound adjustment in open mode.

Fox Float DPX 2 Performance Elite

This is the OEM version, you are not able to buy new. It’s the same as the factory version, just without the Kashima coating.

Fox Float X2 Factory

This is the top of the range shock in the Float range. It’s designed for enduro bikes - and is packed with features as you would expect. There’s high and low speed damping adjustment for both compression and speed rebound. There is also an optional open/firm lever that can either be in lockout mode or climb modes. 2021 updates include lower friction seals, as well as improved bearing ratios for metric sizes.

There’s also variable valve control, which has been introduced for the first time. This can be found on some of the Fox Forks, such as the Fox 38. Variable valve control allows the rider to benefit and feel changes through tuning the suspension, in ways that traditionally only someone mechanically competent could do so.

Fox Float X2 Performance Elite

The performance elite version of the Fox Float X2 is only available as an OEM part, so cannot be purchased new. Again, this shock is not gold and that’s the only difference from the factory version.

Fox Float X Factory

A new addition in 2021, this Fox Float X has a high flow piston as well as a MCU bottom out bumper. There is plenty of tool free adjustment as well as an increased rebound adjustment range. Each shock also gets it’s own reservoir size, and there is a hydraulic top out, as well as a larger air sleeve and a new air valve location. As with all Factory level shocks, it also has Kashima coating for performance and longevity.

Fox DHX2

The DHX2 shock is a coil shock, with a damper shaft and coil spring - opposed to an air spring. As you would expect, there are plenty of adjustments, such as high and low speed rebound, high and low speed compression, valve control - as well as open and firm switches. The shocks are available in different lengths and sizes too.

Fox Float DHX

The DHX is brand new into the range, and it’s a coil shock with plenty of adjustment and settings - so you can perfect your ride. There is a high flow piston, numbered dials, specific reservoir lengths for each shock size and there’s also a MCU bottom out bumper. There’s also a single rebound adjuster with plenty of modes, which do not need tools for adjustment.