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Flat Bar Road Bikes

Flat Bar Road Bikes are designed to carry as much speed and pace as possible on the road - flat bar road bikes are perfect for people who want the efficiency of a road bike but the comfort and convenience to be able to enjoy a more comfortable ride - for such occasions as nipping to the shops or commuting to work. Because of their comfort, yet commitment to retaining a high performance ride - flat bar road bikes are the ideal choice for customers looking for a fitness bike.

The design of these bikes is to perform with regards to speed and handling across asphalt and roads, most of their frames are made from aluminium or carbon fibre - and although flat bar road bikes can be compared and even bought instead of a hybrid bike, there are certainly differences when it comes to performance and design. Flat Bar road bikes typically have the same technology and design as road bikes, so rim brakes and disc brakes are available across the range. Another difference between a flat bar road bike, is tyre width - whilst hybrid bikes have wider tyres - flat bar road bikes have thinner tyres the same as road bikes, which pick up speed easier than hybrid bikes.

The gears on a flat bar road bike are also the same as a standard road bike - with the usual being either 21 or 24 gears. This makes them suitable for everything from commuting, right across hill climbing. One of our favourite things about flat bar road bikes is their appearance and versatility, they boast a massive amount of versatility whilst still looking absolutely fantastic and incredibly sporty.

The range of flat bar road bikes available online from us here include bikes from Giant, Cannondale and Scott - and all are handpicked from these brands who we know and trust to provide excellent value, excellent quality bikes which provide great performance.

You can view the full range of road bikes here, and as always - if you have any questions about these bikes or the best bike for your riding requirements, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.