Excuses To Buy Another Bike

At Westbrook Cycles, we are lucky to have access to the very best and most exciting bikes from the world’s leading manufacturers of both mountain and road bikes. One of the issues that we all have in the office, is how tempting it is - to purchase all of the components and bikes that we get in, seeing dream bikes come in and out of our warehouse and shop. This means that we have used and tested many different excuses to justify the purchase of a new bike, or new bike part - to our other/better halves. Below, is the best collection of excuses that we can think of to buy something new, with all of the below excuses scoring highly in terms of believability and effectiveness.

The aim of the game here is simple, to get your bike purchase completed without any arguments, or debates. Whether or not you are buying the same type of bike is irrelevant, but we all know how the process goes - and these excuses (reasons) can be used if you are buying a different type of bike, or are upgrading your current bike.

Old/Current Bike is no longer working

This is one of the greatest excuses to use, and as long as your other half does not know too much about bikes - almost impossible to prove. It really helps if there is visible damage to the bike to justify this - so if you have a bike which is broken, it’s probably a good idea to show it off.

Your current bike has gone up in value

Cultivating the myth that your current bike has gone up in value, so make sense to sell - is a beauty of a reason to sell a bike, and again - pretty hard to disprove. Another great angle to consider, is explaining that your current bike needs to be sold before the value plummets - because bike technology moves on so quickly.

You will never buy another bike

This excuse can come back and bite you in the proverbial, so think carefully about using it. Quoting that this bike will be the only bike that you will ever need, can bring a sweet relief to your partner - thinking that the bike buying obsession will be coming to a swift end. When it arrives, usual service can resume!

A bike is good for your health

This can be a tricky reason to use, if you already have a bike - so you need to think carefully about how a new bike can help you get fit and lose some weight. There are a stack of reasons to choose cycling as an excellent form of exercise, so you need to concentrate on why a new specific bike will help. This is a useful reason/excuse to use when you are wanting to buy a different type of bike, and is especially useful when looking to purchase the fitness fanatics favourite - the road bike.

A new bike is an economical choice

Although a cycling hobby is very rarely the economical choice, a new bike can be the sensible option VS upgrading parts on your existing bike. It’s also a good opportunity to claim that your new bike will help save on fuel bills, and will replace that expensive monthly gym membership…

None of the above worked?

We think that the above excuses are pretty fool-proof, and at least one is very likely to work. The next step however, should the above fail - is to swap your bike and simply flatly deny that your new bike, is in fact new. The bolder the better when it comes to this and the following statement is absolutely perfect: ‘no, had this bike for years, you do not know what you are talking about’!

If you are looking for a new bike, or some new bike parts - you can find plenty across our site. Our range of bikes encompasses everything from hardcore downhill mountain bikes right across to featherweight carbon fibre road bikes.