Electric Mountain Bike VS Regular Mountain Bike

At Westbrook Cycles, in recent years all of our team have become massive fans of electric mountain bikes, although it took some of our ‘purist’ team members slightly longer than others to realise and enjoy the benefits of electric power! Increasingly, many customers are choosing to use electric mountain bikes VS regular mountain bikes, and in recent years especially - we are seeing more and more ‘traditional’ mountain bikers converting to electric mountain biking, whereas in previous years the proportion of newbies choosing electric mountain bikes was greater.

How are E-Mountain Bikes driven?

In e-mountain bikes that we supply, a battery supplies power to a Crank Motor - that is classed as ‘pedal assist’. This means that the motor kicks in whenever the pedals are turned, giving a welcome boost - especially uphill. The drive runs through the cranks, which gives the power assist a very natural feel - compared to hub driven motors which power the wheel independently. The use of crank motors gives electric mountain bikes, an incredibly natural feel with welcome speed and energy benefits.

How are E-Mountain Bikes powered?

The battery is not surprisingly one of the key components of an electric bike. The more expensive the battery, the more powerful motor you can enjoy, and the longer you can ride. Almost all electric bikes use high grade lithium-ion batteries as found in advanced lawnmowers, phones and even electric cars. All of these batteries are rechargeable and the battery can usually be charged both on the bike, and off the bike.

What else is different between e bikes and regular bikes?

As Electric Bikes have taken more of the market share in recent years, bike manufacturers are looking now to create completely custom parts and equipment for use with electric mountain bikes. These components and parts are usually specifically designed to cope with the increased weight of an electric mountain bike, improving overall performance.

Electric Mountain Bikes VS Regular Mountain Bikes

We are all keen mountain bikers here at Westbrook Cycles and reckon that riding an e-bike is not too different from riding a regular mountain bike. The general feel is the same, you just have access to more power which allows you to get further than you normally would, due to either time or fitness constraints. One of the biggest things we have noticed, is that electric mountain bikes really level the playing field in cycling with peer groups, with all group members able to keep up and enjoy the ride.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about moving from a traditional mountain bike to an electric mountain bike - please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your exact requirements in further detail.