Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike 2021 Guide

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply a complete range of Full Suspension E-Bikes Online. In recent years, we have seen many customers and many members of staff resist the rise of the electric mountain bike, only to be converted once they have ridden one out in the wild.

The simple fact is that electric mountain bikes are better fun and more enjoyable for most mountain bikers, who ride non electric bikes. It’s easy to see why electric bikes are more fun as well - they allow the rider to ride further than ever before and the reduced fatigue of being on the bike means that everyday riding is more enjoyable.

As well as protecting the body from the extreme strain of mountain bike unassisted, electric mountain bikes are also a great leveler for riders - allowing slower riders to keep up with quicker riders in most circumstances, in many cases they allow families to ride together - with older family members suddenly able to keep up with the younger riders.

Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes are the top of the range selection of electric mountain bikes. These bikes, depending upon their setup - can tackle anything from cross country riding right across to downhill technical trails. Regardless of whether you choose a downhill electric mountain bike or a cross country electric mountain bike - you can be assured that your bike is equipped with everything you need to cover the most demanding and rigorous terrain.

Scott Genius eRide 910 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This Scott Electric Mountain Bike belongs to the next generation of electric mountain bikes. Excellent performance on the trails, combined with incredible levels of battery and power management, make for a fantastic riding experience across any distance and any terrain.


Cannondale Moterra NEO 3+ Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The ultimate full suspension e-bike, Cannondale tells riders of the NEO 3+ to go and ride the unrideable, again and again. A low centre of gravity on the bike, with short chainstays provides excellent handling and performance from this bike, with the power delivery and motor allowing riders to ride further, and harder for longer.

Scott Ransom eRide 920 Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Ransom range of non electric mountain bikes scoop up almost every industry award there is, coming out on top when it’s pitted against its rivals. The only way to expand the capabilities of the Ransom, is for this electric version to be launched. This bike suits all kinds of riders at all capability levels, and it’s a bike which is at home on the trails, as well as technical downhill trails.