Does Mountain Biking Help With Motocross & Dirt Bikes

There are often parallels drawn between riding motocross/enduro motorbikes and most who ride either mountain bikes or dirt bikes, or both - will agree. The brands involved in both sets of sports such as Fox and Troy Lee designs who manufacture a wide range of products, including helmets and jerseys which look incredibly similar to each discipline. 

If you ride motocross bikes, there’s a massive number of reasons to jump on a mountain bike and give it a try, including; effective training, skill development and enjoyment. 

One of the first reasons to try mountain biking is it being a great method of training. Riding any form of bike, whether it’s got an engine or pedals - works the same core muscle groups - and allows you to also practice skills and balance, without even realising that you are training. Transferable skills from mountain bikes to motocross include picking the right line, controlling braking and keeping things smooth. 

As well as being good for motocross training, mountain bike riding is also much more accessible than heading out on a motocross bike, you can ride your mountain bike across so much terrain here in the UK - giving you access to land that you just cannot legally ride on, on a motorbike.