Does an electric bike still burn calories?

"Does an Electric Bike aid weight loss, and burn calories?" is one of the most common questions we get asked here at Westbrook Cycles.

The team here is split when it comes to the popularity of electric bikes - with some embracing them completely, and others rejecting them on grounds of being cycling puritans. Slowly but surely however, we are seeing the masses convert over to electric bike variants including road bikes and mountain bikes.

The vast majority of these bikes operate with a pedal assist motor - which means the motor kicks in when the pedals are turned, so they do not operate like a motorbike does with a throttle. Electric bikes will typically have different motor settings, such as sport or turbo for challenging terrain - and eco mode for normal riding.

The good news is that electric mountain biking still burns plenty of calories, approximately 500 calories per hour across all of the usual mountain biking terrain. The simple fact is electric mountain bikes are very good for your health, and the motor allows you to ride for longer and further away.

Many cyclists report that it’s easier to maintain regular exercise on an electric bike, because it is more enjoyable to use VS a traditional mountain bike. The more enjoyable exercise is, the greater the chance of sticking at it. So although you may burn more calories on a traditional bike, sticking to an exercise plan with an e-bike may be the best for your health in the long term.