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Cycling In London Guide

In recent years, politicians and governments have placed massive emphasis on improving London for cyclists, whilst increasing the number of cyclists using the city. The policies have been labelled as the ‘new golden age for cycling’ and since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been over £250 million invested in new cycling lanes in London.

This investment is justified too - there are almost 700,000 cycling journeys per day by Londoners, and in areas such as Blackfriars - 70% of all vehicles in the city are bikes. It’s not just city riding and commuting which is popular either, the immediate countryside on London’s door step - also means that cyclists can escape the city too.

Although cycling in London may seem like a scary thing to do at first - it’s never been safer or more enjoyable to cycle in the city. London now has cycling superhighways which allow cyclists to reach almost any part of the city.  These superhighways cover almost 100k of cycling routes, and can be easily identified with the tarmac they are on being bright blue. These super highways criss-cross London going from north to south, as well as east to west and vice versa.

Those commuting on a bike in London will very quickly know the routes needed to get them to where they need to be, those cycling recreationally in London will enjoy access to over 35,000 of parkland that is across London. Parks such as Richmond Park, Bushey Park, Victoria Park and Regents Park all offer excellent cycling.

Is Cycling in London Safe?

Cycling in London is safe - when taking some precautions. The highway code covers road positioning and how to cycle on the road. Having some road sense and experience certainly helps - with observations, anticipation of events and keeping distances being important. When starting out cycling in London, try some quieter routes to get you used to the hustle and bustle of riding in the city.

Cycling in London is also made safer by the right clothing, and protective gear. Reflective and high visibility clothing makes a massive difference to personal safety - and you can further be clear and visible by making contact with drivers, staying away from the gutter at the sides of the roads - and be aware of blind spots of larger vehicles - such as lorries.

Best Bike for Cycling in London

All bikes can perform well on a London commute, but bikes which are road biased - will always outperform mountain bikes, which are designed for off road use on the daily commute. Relaxed geometry road bikes are the most popular choice, and gravel bikes are also becoming an increasingly popular option for commuters - allowing efficient progress to be made on road and on light off road conditions.

Hardtail mountain bikes also work as commuter bikes, but should be avoided for longer commutes - where the efficiency of a road bike will save you both time and energy.

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