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Cycling Cap & Headwear Guide

Cycling Caps and Headwear are designed to keep you riding in a wide variety of weather and riding conditions. As one of the most important parts of the body, we supply a range of cycling headwear, encompassing thermal hats, balaclavas, snoods, neck warmers as well as peaked caps - to help you ride in comfort all year round.

The biggest difference between specialist cycling headwear, and normal headwear - is the fact that cycling headwear has been designed to be worn underneath a cycling helmet. This means that cycling helmets need to be small and enough to be worn underneath a helmet, whilst also serving important purposes, such as keeping the head warm.

How to choose a Cycling Cap?

As all cycling headwear is designed to be worn underneath a helmet, all are low profile and have a thin design. The beanie cycling hats available within the range for example, have been designed to punch far above their weight when it comes to insulating properties. When choosing a hat, make sure that you understand the time of year it will be used most - as headwear can enhance cycling comfort, throughout the year - not just in the colder months.

Winter Cycling Caps

Winter Cycling Hats have been designed to provide insulation, by trapping a layer of warm air between your head and the hat. These hats often also have other qualities and characteristics, such as being wind and water proof/resistant.

Summer Cycling Caps

There are also an excellent range of lightweight summer caps. These caps are designed to keep the head cool, and protect your head from damaging UV rays. As well as keeping your head protected, these caps also wick sweat away from the head, so it can evaporate.

Cycling Cap Materials

As with other cycling options, the main choices of materials are between synthetic and natural materials. Natural materials found in cycling caps include cotton and merino wool, and synthetic materials include polyester, fleece, microfibre and nylon) both have their advantages, with synthetic materials providing the best possible wicking properties, so is better for the summer months.

Cycling Cap and Sweating

One of the main reasons that people wear summer cycling caps is to prevent sweat from dripping down into the eyes whilst cycling. A light cycling cap also helps keep your helmet sweat free and as hygienic as possible.

Thermal Cycling Caps

If you ride during the winter months, a thermal cycling cap/hat is the product to choose. These caps keep the head warm, whilst also providing wicking properties. As well as keeping your head warm, many of these hats are also windproof and water resistant - which certainly makes all of the difference on those cold winter days.

Cycling Cap Types

Classic Cycling Caps

Classic Cycling Caps are great for those looking for a robust cycling cap, whilst owning a little bit of cycling history. These cycling caps can be used year round - and have an elasticated back, as well as a short peak. These hats provide plenty of protection from the sun and the rain, and slightly thicker models are available for use during winter months.

Cycling Skull Caps

Skull Caps are also known as helmet caps within the industry, and they are tight fitting hats which provide comfortable use underneath a helmet. There are summer and winter versions, the winter versions are thicker and have thermal properties, whilst the summer versions help sweat wicking, provide UV protection and help keep sweat out of the eyes. Merino wool cycling caps are perfect for winter use.

Cycling Snoods

Cycling Snoods, also known as neck warmers are a great, versatile choice for cyclists. They can be worn in so many different ways - as headbands, around the neck, and over the face on cold days. These snoods are usually fleece lined and are lifesavers on cold mornings.

Cycling Balaclavas

Cycling Balaclavas offer incredible levels of protection, but are not very versatile - only use these balaclavas for the coldest cycling conditions, if you are cycling in the cold - there is nothing better.

Cycling Headbands

Headbands are a great choice for the ‘in-between’ seasons of autumn and winter. They provide good warmth and coverage over the ears, without providing too much warmth. They can be easily removed and stuck in the pocket if no longer required.