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Cycling Arm Warmers Guide

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent range of Cycling Arm Warmers - which are perfect for months in the UK, when the weather can feel changeable. Arm Warmers are the ideal item of clothing for spring and autumn months - and they are perfect for setting off on rides on cold mornings, or returning late at night.

In the world of complex bikes, with space specification materials such as carbon fibre - arm warmers are brilliantly simple. Arm warmers are fabric tubes which are worn on the arms and can be removed and stashed away when not in use.

They have so many real world uses and applications, from setting off on cold mornings as mentioned, or setting off with a changeable weather forecast - or for wearing on long descents after a tough ascent. Commuters also use arm warmers during changeable conditions. 

Best Arm Warmers for Cyclists

As with any specialist piece of equipment, arm warmers need to be able to perform well whilst out on the bike and there are a number of different arm warmer options available. All arm warmers should be breathable and do a good job of wicking sweat and moisture away from the surface of the skin. 

Different arm warmers have different thermal properties, and some also offer windproof materials and water resistant fabrics. Some of the different features of arm warmers can be found below:

Arm Warmer Material

Different arm warmer materials are available, but the vast majority of arm warmers are made from synthetic materials. These synthetic materials provide the right balance of breathability and performance - with windproof and water resistant materials all being available. Some arm warmers use natural materials, such as merino wool - whose fantastic properties are well known. 

Arm Warmer Design Features

Arm Warmers may offer different materials, and may also be seamless to assure maximum comfort levels. 

How Should Arm Warmers fit?

Arm Warmers should fit pretty tight, without cutting off blood supply or causing discomfort. They should fit snugly in order to provide all of the warmth and breathable qualities that they have been designed with. To aid fitting, many of the arm warmers that we supply have silicone grippers on the upper arm section, and wristbands to provide a secure fit. 

High Visibility Arm Warmers

High Visibility arm warmers are an ideal way to add some extra safety onto your road bike setup. These high visibility arm warmers help other road users, and other motorists see you - especially important for commuters and those riding in low light conditions. 

Buy Arm Warmers Online

You can view our complete range of arm warmers for sale online here. We have worked with the best cycling brands to build this collection, and easy online ordering and quick delivery is available.