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Cycle Scheme Road Bikes

There have been exciting changes in the Cycle Scheme recently, whilst the older cycle schemes were capped at £1,000 - the cycle scheme is now uncapped, allowing cyclists to purchase and save on cycle scheme bikes at any price point. The change has come about with the introduction of many different types of bikes into the marketplace, including electric bikes and cargo bikes - which were unavailable at the older price point of sub £1000. The only cap now with the cycle scheme, is by employers - who can set the limit to whatever amount they want to. Uptake from employers in the new scheme has been great however, with most using the uncapped cycle scheme.

Cycle Schemes work by spreading the cost of a bike, typically over 12 months - whilst also providing some tax saving benefits.

By far the most popular type of bike to buy through the cycle scheme is a road bike. Road bikes are designed to be ridden solely on tarmac roads - they are designed to be lightweight, provide efficient performance. At first glance, road bikes all seem very similar - but there are two main distinctions within the road bike market. There are two main types of road bikes - road bikes with a racing geometry, which are designed around high speed performance and road bikes with a touring geometry - more focussed on providing a quick, but comfortable riding position and riding experience.

Road Bikes with a relaxed geometry are the most popular choices for the cycle scheme, as they make the most suitable and popular commuter bikes. Relaxed geometry road bikes are comfortable, efficient and can also be accessorised with panniers and luggage carrying options. These road bikes cross over into hybrid bikes and urban bikes - which are also great for the daily commute, and everyday use.

Brands available within the cycle scheme from Westbrook Cycles include Cannondale, Scott and GT. You can view the complete range of bikes available on the cycle scheme, across our site - and please get in touch if you have any questions.