Coronavirus And Road Cycling

Most of our lives have now been affected by Coronavirus in some way - and professional sports, including road cycling - have been particularly hard hit. We don’t know of any cycling events which are taking part in the UK - instead being replaced by social distancing measures which are key in preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

The first international race to be cancelled was the tour of Hainan, which has been postponed. Italian, Belgian, French and Dutch races soon followed suit alongside other European nations. In other areas of the world however, such as New York - the spread of Coronavirus has led to an increase in cycling - with the commuters and residents of New York choosing to cycle instead of use crowded public transport.

In the UK, Public Health England has stated that cycling is OK - as long as cyclists avoid the local haunts of cafes and pubs - during and after rides, minimising contact. In the UK, it’s absolutely fine to head out on the roads cycling, if you are feeling fit and healthy, just remember to minimise contact with others and maintain hygiene standards when out and about, and when returning from a ride. For those commuting, cycling is a good option - avoiding public transport whilst also reducing the number of travellers on public transport, who are more reliant on it, to get around.