Coronavirus And Mountain Biking

We think it’s fair to say that nobody has now not heard of Coronavirus - and the effects that it has had on people’s work, shopping habits, hobbies and general behaviour. At the moment, we are encouraged to isolate ourselves as much as possible, avoiding contact with others as much as possible. This obviously rules out meeting in groups, or attending events - which will affect cancelled mountain bike races and events.

Advice on what to do, and what not to do - is however, constantly changing. Mountain Biking however, is something which is OK to do - it’s a way to get out in the fresh air, allowing you to get out of the house and look after your mental and physical health at the same time. Public Health England has confirmed cycling outside is fine, and is to be encouraged only if you are fit and well - if you are showing any symptoms and signs of illness, you do not want to potentially make them worse by exercising.

An important part of mountain biking is stopping off at cafes or a pub for a pint after a long ride, which is no longer permissible. When out riding, it’s also important to ensure you are prepared to follow all hygiene recommendations when out cycling, and when returning home.

It’s our responsibility to prevent the spread of this disease, but that does not mean that our sports and passions necessarily have to suffer.

It’s expected that with free time, that more and more people will get out on their mountain bikes into the fresh air - which is good news for our sport.